Domino’s used a jetpack to deliver a pizza at a music festival

Dominos Jetpack Pizza Delivery
Defying gravity for pizza: Domino's takes pizza delivery to new heights with a jetpack trial at Glastonbury.

As reported by The Independent, pizza giant Domino’s undertook an innovative experiment at the famed Glastonbury music festival in England: delivering a pizza via jetpack. The unconventional delivery was timed perfectly to coincide with the performance of “Rocket Man” singer, Elton John, making it a truly memorable spectacle.

Domino’s Assistant PR Manager, Sam Wilson, told The Independent, “When we realized pitching up to serve slices inside the festival was impossible, we took inspiration from this year’s headliner to launch our own rapid delivery trial — it was a bit of a no-brainer.” Wilson went on to share that Domino’s had been on the receiving end of numerous requests from festival-goers attempting to smuggle pizza into the venue, prompting the brand to explore alternative delivery methods.

“We wanted to… trial our very own rocket man service to help hungry campers get a slice of sky-high satisfaction in the future,” Wilson explained. The gimmick, complete with a branded Domino’s suit, left a significant impression on festival attendees.

Natalie Dixon, a witness to the jetpack delivery spectacle, was quoted saying, “Seeing a jet suit thing fly over Glasto was wild,” and added, “I can’t wait to see one land on my doorstep in the future.”

Dominos Jetpack Pizza Delivery Heading Off
Jetting off to Glastonbury Festival for a sky-high Domino’s pizza delivery experience.

The technology behind the stunt was provided by Gravity Industries, a company specializing in jetpack suits. While they acknowledged that using their tech for pizza delivery was an “unusual utilization,” they expressed optimism about the prospect of jetpacks playing a role in the future of efficient delivery.

A spokesperson for Gravity Industries told The Independent, “Keeping pizza piping hot using the jet suit is definitely an unusual utilization of our tech and pizza isn’t in our normal flight plan. But being able to exceed the average delivery time by flying through the Somerset fields and feed campers with the pizza delivery experts certainly shows the future of fast delivery service.”

Dominos Jetpack Pizza Delivery on-the-way
On the way to deliver a pizza at the Glastonbury music festival in England.

However, the feasibility of adopting this method at scale is questionable, given that Gravity Industries’ suits retail at approximately $483,000 and are only capable of carrying two pizzas at a time. When questioned about this, Domino’s spokesperson cleverly responded, “All we can say at this stage, is that the idea has legs… or wings… or jets.”

While the use of jetpacks for pizza delivery may not be an immediately scalable or practical solution, the stunt has undoubtedly pushed the boundaries of what we consider possible for food delivery. Domino’s experiment demonstrates a willingness to explore exciting new frontiers in their quest to reach their customers, wherever they may be. As with any trailblazing endeavor, only time will tell if jetpack pizza delivery becomes more than a high-flying stunt.

Dominos Jetpack Pizza Delivery Glastonbury Music Festival
Customers experience a new slice of delivery with pizzas landing via jetpack!

Source: The Independent