BMW’s city-savvy CE 02 electric motorcycle transitions from vision to reality

BMW CE 02 Electric Motorcycle Scooter
BMW Motorrad introduces the 2024 CE 02 as an 'eParkourer,' a unique youth-targeted electric ride that transcends traditional motorcycle and scooter categories. Images © BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad’s debut of the CE 02 electric motorcycle — an exciting step from design concept to concrete reality — is creating a buzz in the urban transportation scene. Building upon the precedent set by the futuristic Concept Link electric scooter in 2017, the CE 02 emerges as a fresh take on urban commuting with a young, vibrant edge.

The CE 02 motorcycle initially came to the spotlight as a design study, much like its predecessor, the Concept Link. It was proposed as an easy-to-access, daily transportation solution embodying youthful freedom and providing a fun, adventurous riding experience in the city. Simultaneously, it’s designed to withstand the rigors of the urban jungle, effectively balancing aesthetics and practicality.

The new BMW electric motorcycle presents a contrasting medley of design elements. The sturdy tubular steel frame houses a combination of matte and glossy surfaces in shades of gray and black. It also sports an array of color decals for an extra touch of vibrancy. Additionally, a special edition of the CE 02 is available, featuring golden forks, a tri-color seat, and even more decorative decals.

Under the hood, the CE 02 motorcycle carries an unchanged 11-kW (15-hp) air-cooled motor, suitable for riders aged 16 years and over. The transmission system is designed with a belt connecting to an intermediate shaft on the right side of the motorcycle. Another belt on the left side engages to drive the rear wheel.

BMW CE 02 Electric Motorcycle Power Options
In the US, the 2024 CE 02 offers two 15-hp variants, while European riders can opt for a third, less powerful edition.

BMW Motorrad has incorporated two riding modes, with an additional sporty option available for the special edition. Riders can expect 40.6 lb.ft (55 Nm) of torque and a quick 3-second acceleration to 30 mph. The maximum speed is 59 mph (95 km/h), while the dual 1.96-kWh battery packs provide a per-charge range of up to 56 miles (90 km), as measured by the WMTC cycle.

In certain regions, including Germany, there’s an alternative low-power variant of the CE 02. Aimed at 15-year-olds with a moped/scooter license or anyone with a full car permit, this version caps the power at 4 kW and limits the top speed to 45 km/h (28 mph).

BMW CE 02 Electric Motorcycle Highline Version
The Highline variant of the 2024 CE 02 (left) features gold forks, additional decals, a tri-color seat, smartphone dock, heated grips, and an extra ride mode.

The CE 02 features advanced suspension and braking systems. It comes with a hydraulically damped upside-down telescopic fork and a cast-aluminum single-sided rear swingarm linked to an adjustable coil shock. The motorcycle uses a 14-inch cast-aluminum disc wheel at the front, with a 120/80 tire, and a wider 150/70 tire at the back. The front brake utilizes a two-piston floating-caliper disc brake with ABS, while the rear brake features a single-piston floating-caliper disc.

With a weight of only 291 lb (132 kg) and a maximum load capacity of 687 lb (311.6 kg), the CE 02 is a lightweight yet robust option for urban commuters. The seat height is a comfortable 29.5 inches (75 cm), and the motorcycle comes with automatic stability control for safe power transmission. Furthermore, it has recuperative stability control for maintaining vehicle stability and offers reverse assistance.

BMW CE 02 Electric Motorcycle Batteries
The CE 02 features a robust 11-kW motor and two 1.96-kWh battery packs.

The motorcycle is equipped with LED lights, a 3.5-inch TFT display for bike status and trip information, and a USB port for charging mobile devices. Through a companion mobile app, riders can access the BMW Motorrad Connected Services. In the special edition, a docked smartphone can function as a secondary display controlled by a 4-way pad on the handlebar.

The 2024 CE 02, being neither an electric motorbike nor an e-scooter, has a suggested retail price starting at US$7,599, exclusive of destination fees. Accessories such as side bags, a luggage carrier, and an anti-theft alarm are available as optional extras, catering to riders’ individual needs. All told, the BMW CE 02 motorcycle sets an exciting precedent for future urban electric mobility, with a design that truly captures the spirit of youthful freedom. Check out the video below for more.

Source: BMW CE 02