Insta360 Go 3: Thumb-sized action cam elevates resolution to 2.7K

Insta360 GO 3 Action Cam
Adventure in every angle with the Go 3's magnetic body – attach it anywhere, from helmets to selfiesticks, and capture your world in 2.7K

Insta360 has been making waves in the action camera market since 2019 with their innovative thumb-sized devices. Their latest offering, the Go 3 action camera, is no exception, as it impressively boosts its video resolution to 2.7K, while still maintaining a compact size and a lightweight design.

The Insta360 Go 3 continues the trend of its predecessors by packing a lot of tech into a surprisingly small package. While the original Go was lighter at 0.65 oz (18.3 g), the weight has gradually increased across generations. The second-gen model weighed 0.9 oz (26.5 g), and the current Go 3 is 1.25 oz (35.5 g). Nevertheless, the Go 3 is still smaller than a thumb, preserving its status as a lightweight, user-friendly device.

The Go 3’s most significant enhancement lies in its improved video resolution. Its capability to record at 2.7K at 30 frames per second, up from 1,440p with the Go 2 and 1080p from the original Go, demonstrates its evolved performance. The actioncam also employs advanced software, promising to deliver “crisp, vibrant videos.” For those who prefer to capture slow-motion shots, the Go 3 also offers Full HD with 120-fps capabilities.

Camera shakes during intense action scenes or impromptu filming are mitigated through the use of Insta360’s praised FlowState image stabilization technology. The Insta360 Go 3 further boasts dual microphones for superior audio capture and hands-free voice control, adding to its high-quality performance. Additionally, it has a larger battery capacity of 310 mAh, permitting up to 45 minutes of shooting per charge.

Insta360 GO 3 Action Cam Action Pod Flip Screen
Experience the Go 3 actioncam solo or enhanced with the Action Pod, bringing a flip screen and extra battery power.

Insta360 has incorporated new recording modes such as pre-recording, loop recording, and timed capture into the Go 3. The action camera also offers an adjustable aspect ratio feature, allowing users to tweak their clips to suit different social media platforms like Instagram (9:16 ratio) and YouTube (16:9 ratio).

The Go 3’s magnetic body is a neat addition, providing diverse placement opportunities. From being hung from a pendant for chest-height recording to being attached to headwear with a clip accessory, the Go 3 ensures a myriad of perspectives. Its IPX8 sealing allows it to brave depths of 16 ft (5 m), opening up opportunities for underwater filming.

Insta360 GO 3 Action Cam Water Sports Kit
Pair the Go 3 actioncam with the Water Sports Kit for a dive case and floating grip, making water adventures a breeze.

The newly introduced 3.4-oz (96.3-g) companion accessory, the Action Pod, enhances the Go 3’s versatility. The Pod offers a 2.2-inch flip-up touchscreen and a 1,270-mAh battery, extending recording time up to 170 minutes. The Pod also doubles as a Bluetooth remote, and can house the Go 3 with its IPX4 water-resistant feature.

The Insta360 Go 3 is now available globally. It comes in three versions: the 32-GB version is priced at US$379.99, the 64-GB version at $399.99, and the 128-GB model at $429.99. All purchases include a magnet pendant, clip, stand, and lens guard, proving that despite its small size, the Go 3 brings a considerable punch to the actioncam market.

Insta360 GO 3 Action Cam Action Pod Live View
Wirelessly syncing with the Go 3, the Action Pod doubles as a live-view remote, streamlining your capture process.

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