SwitchPod: Minimal, versatile, handheld tripod simplifies video making

SwitchPod Handheld Tripod
SwitchPod is a minimal handheld tripod that works with any camera, from a phone to a DSLR, and simplifies video making. Images © SwitchPod

The SwitchPod is a tool that can enable photographer’s to switch easily between handheld mode and tripod modes instantly with ease. It supports several different devices, from heavy DSLRs to lightweight cell phones. Lightweight and durable, the SwitchPod is built to save photographers time while providing them with the tool they need to get the job done for vlogging, recording, photographing, and streaming.

Why the SwitchPod is better than a traditional tripod

The SwitchPod is designed to be as durable as other professional tripods. It’s meant to not only last but also to protect the equipment you’re using. The quick transition between handheld and tripod modes makes it one of the fastest tripods on the market to set up and use. Instead of spending time fiddling with equipment and setting up shots, you can spend more time recording.

The device is also highly compact, making it very portable and easy to store when traveling. It can fit inside camera bags, backpacks, and pockets.

SwitchPod’s handheld mode

The tripod features a grooved and open design that enables the user to grip anywhere along the neck to hold the device while in handheld mode. This makes it more comfortable when using a variety of different types of camera devices.

Thanks to its tightening knob, nearly every kind of camera device can be attached and used with the SwitchPod safely and securely.

Non-slip feet

The SwitchPod’s non-slip feet enable it to stay in place when resting on any surface. This prevents your equipment from sliding away while recording.

Who uses the SwitchPod?

The most popular use-case for the SwitchPod is for vlogging. Since the device can be used in both handheld and tripod modes and switched between instantly, the tripod is very useful for self-recording with professional cameras or smartphones. The lightweight and durable nature of the device makes it useful for traveling and moving around areas outside. This makes it effective for vloggers to walk around and deliver rich experiences to their followers.

The SwitchPod can also be an effective tool for other kinds of photographers and videographers. Tripods are useful for recording stable video and removing blur from pictures. Tripods are essential for timelapse photography. The SwitchPod can also double as a ‘selfie stick’ when in handheld mode, allowing users to take photos of themselves with a group of people at a farther distance than they would be able to do with their own hand and arm.

Where to buy the SwitchPod tripod

The SwitchPod is available from SwitchPod’s website. The device was originally launched on Kickstarter and has evolved from there. They also sell various adapters that can enable you to connect the SwitchPod to different types of devices. For example, they sell a smartphone adapter and a ball head. The ball head enables users to rotate and move their camera around to give themselves a greater degree of freedom for shots when using the SwitchPod tripod.

Have a look at the SwitchPod in action in the video below: