anymaka hammock stand boasts a swift three-second setup time

Anymaka Hammock Stand
The anymaka hammock stand revolutionizes outdoor relaxation with a claimed three-second assembly. Images © anymaka

In the world of portable hammock stands, speed and convenience are paramount. Among the many options, one product that’s garnering attention for its innovative design and quick set-up is the anymaka hammock stand. With a reported set-up time of just three seconds, it potentially outpaces most of its competitors in terms of ease of assembly.

The anymaka hammock stand is the focus of an ongoing Kickstarter campaign. It’s designed to be compatible with any gathered-end hammock from third-party brands, enhancing its versatility. For those desiring a cohesive system, there’s also an option to purchase a hammock specifically designed for use with the anymaka.

Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the anymaka offers strength and portability. When folded, it can be comfortably carried in a padded case that measures 41 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 8 inches high. Despite its sturdy construction, the stand weighs only 23 pounds (10.4 kg), making it a convenient choice for outdoor enthusiasts on the go.

Setting up the anymaka hammock stand is straightforward. It requires merely pulling open its two arms, allowing the stand to snap into shape. The hammock can then be hooked onto the ends of the arms. With eight adjustment points on each arm, users can tailor the hammock’s tension according to their preference. Additionally, the hammock can be configured to function as a chair or a semi-reclined lounger, offering multiple uses.

Anymaka Hammock Stand Relaxing
Kickstart your relaxation time.

After a relaxing hammock experience, the anymaka can be folded back by pushing down its arms and lifting it up by a central handle. This design promises simplicity both in setup and takedown.

Anymaka Hammock Stand Carrying Case
The anymaka hammock stand, neatly folded and packed in its accompanying carrying case.

For those who are keen to own an anymaka stand, a Kickstarter pledge of $209 secures one, a significant saving on the planned retail price of $349. A $245 pledge (retail price $438) ensures a package that includes a hammock, providing a complete solution for portable hammocking. However, these prices hinge on the campaign’s success. Yet, with its innovative design and quick setup, the anymaka hammock stand could very well revolutionize the portable hammocking experience.

Anymaka Hammock Stand Chair Mode
The anymaka in chair mode.

Source: Kickstarter