Flow Hive: Tap honey straight from the hive without opening it

Flow Hive Beehive
Flow’s patented split cell technology uses partially formed comb that the bees complete. Images © Flow

Beekeeping has been around for millennia, but the methods of getting the honey from the hives has always been quite intrusive, disruptive and stressful for the bees. Australia-based Flow has created a unique beekeeping system that makes the art of beekeeping more accessible to more people, but also kinder and gentler to the bees. Introducing: Flow Hive

What is the Flow Hive?

The Flow Hive is a specially designed environment for bees to live, work and do what they do best: generate honey. It looks just like a traditional hive, but with one key difference. When it comes time to harvest, all the beekeeper has to do is turn on an external valve, and the honey comes flowing out like water from the faucet.

Within the flow hive are 6-10 “Flow Frames” depending on the size of Flow Hive that you have. These are uniquely designed frames that revolutionize the honey harvesting/extraction process. It’s not that the frames are made of plastic that’s so revolutionary, but rather how the comb within the frames can be simply shifted at the turn of a valve that allows all the honey stored within to simply flow out.

Even if the bee is in the comb when it’s opened, they can tuck themselves out of harm’s way until the comb is restored, thus protecting them further while extracting the honey.

This is different to the traditional harvesting method where the beekeeper would remove the frame, scrape off the honey and in doing so destroy, disturb and distress part of the bee population within the hive. With the Flow Hive, the bees simply reseal the comb with their wax, and refill the comb with honey after it’s emptied.

Honey creation made simple

Flow has made the act of becoming a beekeeper simpler than ever thanks to their hives and equipment, which start at just $737 for a “Starter Bundle” that will get you on your way. The basic model, Flow Hive Classic comes with either 6 or 7 frames and all the safety gear you need.

It’s not a closed system that does everything for you, there is still some good-old beekeeping work to be done, but thanks to the simpler harvesting process, the hard work has been cut down to allow enthusiasts the chance to learn new knowledge and skills and enjoy themselves in the process.

When the 7-frame Classic model is full up, you can harvest up to 46-lbs of honey! You can eat that at home, share with friends and family, or even sell it at local fairs and events to generate some income to help with costs.

Further benefits of the Flow Hive system

Besides being gentler on the bees, the simplicity and contained nature of the Flow Hive system means it can be set up in backyards, gardens, on rooftops, balconies, and virtually any outdoor space with enough room for the hive.

On top of that, users of the system learn new skills in caring for bees, about what they do and how they operate. In doing so, users become instrumental players in protecting the local environment that is entirely dependent on bees and their daily search for nectar.

Finally, the Flow Hive system opens up this world to more and more people, at once simplifying and demystifying this ancient art and practice. Every Flow Hive owner makes their own lives and their local environment a little bit sweeter every day.