MADBOARD electric board can be used as skateboard and kick scooter

MADBOARD is a transforming electric board that can be used as a skateboard or as a kick scooter.

Fast, safe, and environmentally-friendly commuting is a major problem in many urban centers. It is no surprise, therefore, that many startups are dedicated to creating a sustainable and efficient means of transportation that can make life much easier in busy zones. MadFuture is one of such daring companies and their Madboard line of electric skateboards perfectly exemplifies their vision.

Design and features of the Madboard

The Madboard looks no different from the ordinary skateboard but its uniqueness lies in its ability to function as both a skateboard and kick scooter. In the skateboard mode, adventurous users can move about freely and quickly while putting all their cool skating moves to practice. When you require extra stability and balance, you can always switch the board to the kick scooter mode. This mode is perfect for navigating crowded places such as parks and traffic jams. And the transformation process takes just 10 seconds or less.

Zero Start

According to the manufacturers, Madboard’s acceleration system boasts a zero start feature that allows you to launch the board from zero speed. This feature gives users ample time to balance on the skateboard before they start moving. The acceleration is smooth and the board is designed such that even beginners would have little difficulty handling it.

Cruise mode

Manipulating while riding could be a stressful task, especially if you have to do it every time. With its special cruise mode, Madboard gives you the freedom to take a breather while riding. Once you switch to this mode, your board moves at a set speed and you can devote your attention to soaking in the scenery or simply enjoying the wind.

Removable battery

Madboard’s battery pack is easily removable and you can get an extra battery to double your riding time. According to the manufacturers, Madboard boasts a range of 13 km at full charge and it takes only 45 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Powerful regenerative hub motor

A common problem with electric boards is that their motors are sometimes not powerful enough to climb hills or move on certain surfaces. You can trust the Madboard to handle most of the challenge you throw at it. Its powerful dual hub motor permits riding on asphalt and unpaved roads and the board has a climbing angle of about 14 degrees. While decelerating or traveling downhill, the e-abs brake in Madboard would help charge the battery.

Three driving modes

To cater for riders with different skill levels and expertise, Madboard has three different driving modes: easy, normal, and fast. These modes have different maximum speeds and climbing abilities. Predictably, the expert mode boasts the higher maximum speed of 31 Km/hr.

Pricing info

Madboard is currently at the crowdfunding stage. You can check out the official Indiegogo campaign page to see the available pledges and rewards.