Smartbunch LED triangles let you design your own lamps

Smartbunch modular LED light system is stylish and customizable

Standard light bulbs tend to be a little boring. Smartbunch plans to change that with its modular LED triangles that let you design your own lamps – create a desk lamp, a pendant light from the ceiling, or any other 3D shape you can think of. The innovative modular construction allows you to build the form that you want. It takes seconds to assemble a shape – just bring the triangles together and they magnetically click into place.

The light can be powered by mains, via light bulb points, through plugs or wired up at the ceiling rose. The company has developed three power triangles to cater for all possible needs, from easy to use Edison Screw fixing to replace ordinary light bulbs, to the sleek, minimal pendant, to the lamp power triangles. There is also a battery power triangle for even more flexibility – for instance, you could create a cordless 4pcs mobile light in an instant. Additional triangles magnetically click to the power triangle, and to each other, with no need for fiddly wires or connections – powering each other by pure touch.

Smartbunch mentions that you are not restricted to only three-dimensional shapes. Since it is magnetic, it works amazingly well in 2-D as well. You can attach it to anything with steel inside. Any exposed steel, fridge, and so many other places.

Each light module is essentially an equilateral triangle with an array of LEDs, with all edges 101mm long. Smartbunch mentions that their LED Light triangle is an “energy-saving and extremely long-lasting” LED lighting unit. The light strength is controlled by the number of Light triangles in the system. They go on to add that in the near future, users will be able to control the lighting from their phone via an App.

The triangles come in a number of finishes, including birch, oak, steel, copper, white aluminum, graphite aluminum and white “opal”.

Our houses are full of lights. They are everywhere – in our living rooms, at our work desks, above our dining tables, and on our bedside tables.

Now you can replace them all with one light designed by you. One product that can morph from a big bright chandelier to a desk light for reading, to replacing candle light at a dinner party. You can even split it into multiple lighting pieces lighting up different places at the same time!

Source: Kickstarter