Fly high in Hungary’s unique jet-shaped tiny house

Jet House Hello Wood
The Jet House is a childhood fantasy come true - it's designed to resemble an airplane from a cartoon. Images courtesy Zsuzsa Darab

The Jet House is a unique architectural wonder that is the perfect blend of functionality and fantasy. Designed by Hungarian architectural firm Hello Wood, this pastel blue airplane-shaped tiny house is tucked away among the hills of Zala County, Hungary, and has been designed to resemble a beautiful design toy rather than a building.

The idea for the Jet House was born from the mind of 12-year-old Lujzi, who had a dream of having an airplane-themed playhouse that could also be used for lodging. “I’ve always enjoyed traveling, especially flying on aircraft, which is why I had an airplane-themed cabin in my dreams,” says Lujzi. Hello Wood explains that Lujzi arrived at the first meetings with elaborate ideas and plans on paper.

Supported by her father, Lujzi worked with Hello Wood’s project architect Tamás Fülöp to bring her dream to life. The concept was to create a fully functional tiny house that was more like a beautiful design toy than a building. “As an architect, it is an inspiring task to design a structure that has to be cute,” says Fülöp. “It was also a challenge to incorporate traditional architectural elements into the sculptural shape, such as waterproofing, vapor barrier, and thermal insulation.”

The result is a tiny house that looks like it has flown out of a cartoon and landed on the meadow, with friendly arcs and curves, and round windows. The plane’s wings form spacious terraces, a circular window covers the plane’s nose, and a short flight of airport stairs leads to the front door. The interior of the Jet House is designed to resemble a retro airplane, with rounded shapes and lovely wood elements. It was furnished with two actual airplane seats and other aviation relics collected by Lujzi and her father.

Jet House Hello Wood Airplane Seats
The Jet House features authentic airplane seats and an overhead locker storage space.

To maintain the clean silhouette of the Jet House, neither junctions nor sewers could be placed on the outside of the building, and for that reason, it was given a “protective coating,” an innovative waterproofing layer that secures the durability of the tiny house. The Jet, bent from two directions, was composed of more than a thousand different structural pieces.

With her cozy Jet, Lujzi is on cloud nine, and she would be delighted if others could also experience what it is like to stay in an airplane house. “We were happy to accept the unusual assignment,” says Fülöp. “It was a challenge, but it was also a lot of fun to work on a project that is so different from what we usually do.”

Jet House Hello Wood Bedroom Area
The Jet House includes one bedroom area with a double bed.

You will soon be able to book a night in one of Hungary’s most unique cabins, and Hello Wood is always interested in unique cabin or resort development projects. So, if you have a dream of a unique cabin, get in touch with Hello Wood to make it a reality.

Source: Hello Wood