MyCanoe Solo 2: The origami canoe that fits in your closet

MyCanoe Solo 2 Folding Origami Canoe
MyCanoe Solo 2 puts origami canoe tech in a smaller, lighter package. Images courtesy MyCanoe

If you love water sports but lack the storage space for bulky gear, the MyCanoe Solo 2 might be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Six years ago, MyCanoe introduced the original two-person canoe that folds up like origami, and now they’re back with a smaller, lighter version designed for solo paddlers.

The MyCanoe Solo 2 is built with the same origami technology as its predecessor, consisting of a single sheet of pre-folded, double-layer custom polypropylene that’s UV-resistant and durable. When not in use, the sheet folds down into a compact rectangular package measuring 43 inches long by 11 inches high by 18 inches tall, which can easily fit in your closet or trunk. Once it’s time to hit the water, the sheet unfolds into a solo canoe that’s 9 ft 5 in long by 31 inches wide.

The canoe is held in shape by integrated buckling straps, and it can reportedly be assembled by hand in just two minutes. After clipping in the included seat, the Solo 2 is ready to be paddled just like a regular single-person canoe. The Solo 2 weighs in at a mere 19 lb, but can still support up to 300 lb of paddler and cargo weight.

According to the designers, the MyCanoe Solo 2 is designed to last for at least 20,000 fold cycles. If users encounter any jagged rocks or pointed sticks, the canoe comes with a patch kit for easy repairs.

Assuming the project reaches production, a pledge of US$469 on Kickstarter will get you your very own Solo 2, with a planned retail price of $699. Optional extras include a canoe- or kayak-style paddle, side-mounted stabilizer floats, a backrest, and a footrest.

MyCanoe Solo 2 Folded-Up
When folded up, MyCanoe Solo 2 can fit in the back of a car or in a closet.

The MyCanoe Solo 2 is an exciting innovation for solo paddlers, especially those with limited storage space. It offers a lightweight, portable, and durable option for exploring the waterways without the hassle of traditional canoes. If you’re interested in the Solo 2, be sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign for more information and to pledge your support.

Source: Kickstarter