Skick electric snowmobile: All-season, versatile local transportation solution

Skick Electric Snowmobile
Designed in Finland, the Skick Electric Snowmobile offers versatile, all-season transportation with a 1000W motor and customizable features. Images courtesy Skick

In the evolving world of electric vehicles, a new contender has emerged to redefine local transportation in all seasons: the Skick Electric Snowmobile. Combining innovation with practicality, Skick offers a unique solution for both private and professional use, ensuring a versatile and enjoyable ride across various terrains.

Origins and design

Derived from the words ‘SKI’ and ‘KICK’, Skick epitomizes the seamless glide over snow, akin to skiing, while also allowing for traditional propulsion through kicking. Designed, developed, and manufactured in Finland, a country known for its challenging weather conditions, Skick is built to excel in the harshest environments. Its design emphasizes safety, control, and practicality, making it a reliable companion throughout the year.

Key features and usability

Safety and control: Skick is designed with a self-balancing structure, featuring a large front off-road tire for stability and ease of control in a standing position. This sturdy construction is complemented by essential safety features such as disc brakes, an electric ignition lock, a bell, parking brake, and excellent lighting, ensuring a safe ride in any condition.

Versatility across seasons: True to its Finnish roots, Skick thrives in all weather conditions, from snowy winters to wet summers. Its ground clearance is easily adjustable without tools, and for snowy terrains, the rear wheels can be lifted, allowing the integrated skis to take over. This adaptability makes Skick suitable for various outdoor activities, whether it’s gliding on snowy paths or navigating summer trails.

Skick Electric Snowmobile Summer Trails
The Skick seamlessly transitions to summer trails, offering adjustable ground clearance and durable design for smooth, year-round exploration.

Practicality for everyday use: Skick shines in its practical applications, boasting a versatile payload capacity of up to 150 kg (330 lbs). The front rack and RAM mounting points on the handlebars allow for easy attachment of cargo and accessories. Whether for professional use or daily commutes, Skick is designed to carry your essentials effortlessly.

Performance and specifications

Skick Electric Snowmobile City Ride
In urban environments, the Skick excels with its compact, foldable design and eco-friendly electric propulsion.

Powered by a 1000W brushless electric hub motor, Skick can reach speeds up to 25 km/h, with a range of approximately 40 km to 55 km depending on the rider’s weight and conditions. Its 48V powertrain is optimized for cold environments, ensuring reliable performance year-round. The vehicle’s battery is housed in a stylish, durable case, featuring a lockable and easily exchangeable 20Ah suitcase-style Li-ion battery.

For enhanced control, the handlebar can be adjusted to accommodate different driver heights. The thumb throttle, battery level indicator, hand brake handle with parking brake lock, light switch, top speed selector, and ring bell are all conveniently located for easy access during rides.

Skick Electric Snowmobile Front Rack
The Skick features a robust front rack and RAM mounting points, enabling easy attachment of diverse accessories.

Customization and convenience

Understanding the diverse needs of its users, Skick offers exchangeable carrying accessories for the front tray, allowing customization according to personal or professional requirements. From pizza bags to snowboards, Skick accommodates a wide range of cargo options. Additionally, its foldable body structure ensures that it can be easily stored or transported in the trunk of a car, making it a practical choice for longer trips.

Lighting and safety features

Visibility is a key aspect of Skick’s design, featuring two front LED lights and a bright red back LED light in the battery cover, ensuring safety during night rides. The hydraulic disc brakes in the front tire provide reliable stopping power, further enhancing the vehicle’s safety credentials.

Skick Electric Snowmobile Pizza Delivery
Equipped with a pizza bag on its front rack, the Skick transforms into a convenient delivery vehicle.

Pricing information

While this overview focuses on the features and capabilities of the Skick Electric Snowmobile, specific pricing details were not provided. Potential buyers are encouraged to contact the manufacturer or authorized dealers for the most current pricing and availability information, ensuring they can make an informed decision based on their budget and requirements.

Skick Electric Snowmobile Rural
With its adaptable ground clearance and off-road capabilities, the Skick is equally adept at navigating the varied terrains of rural areas.

Source: Skick