U SAFE® self-propelled, remote-controlled lifesaving float

The U SAFE self-propelled float aims to save lives in the ocean, without endangering the lives of rescue workers.

Statistics reveal that more than 1.2 million people around the world die by drowning every year. Many of these fatal drownings occur in open waters and they may be due to vessel accidents or recreational mishaps. The challenge to save the lives in open waters without risking the lives of the lifesavers is a huge one. The U SAFE self-propelled float is a daring innovation that hopes to reduce the death toll owing to ocean accidents without endangering the lives of rescue workers.

An overview of U SAFE self-propelled float

U SAFE is a self-propelled float that can be delivered to victims of water vessel mishaps via remote control. It has an inbuilt navigation and guidance system and it is designed to work under the most extreme conditions. The design is incredibly simple making it easy to use. It has been extensively tested and proven to overcome the most difficult waves, providing a more than reasonable assurance that it would reach the desired destination and save the life of the person in danger.

Features and specifications

The U SAFE self-propelled float is battery powered. It propels itself with the aid of two electric turbines. The float comes with a remote control thumbstick that is very easy to operate. All you need to do is guide the float to the victim in need and guide it back to the shore. It is especially useful for victims who are too weak to muster any reasonable effort towards preserving their lives. All the person needs to do is hold on to the float and the controller would bring the float back safely.

The float can go as fast as 15 knots, making it one of the fastest ways to provide help in drowning situations. At full charge, it can travel all of 3 miles at top speed. Although it weighs only 8kg, it would still maintain its buoyancy when about 200kg weight is attached.

Why you should get even more excited

As it is, the U SAFE self-propelled float is already a useful tool for rescue missions on oceans and other large waterways. In addition, it should pave way for newer and even better models as the patent filings suggest. In the not so distant future, we might see self-charging devices that would rely on solar power and other versions that are self-deploying and self-driving. Larger versions with seats may also be designed. These could prove very useful for surveillance and recreational purposes.

The best innovations are the ones that put life above all. The U SAFE self-propelled buoy already has a strong claim to be included among the ilk of best innovations. It saves the lives of victims while ensuring the rescuer is free from harm. You can visit their website and find a distributor in your region.