The Barnacle: Parking enforcement device that immobilizes a vehicle in seconds

Barnacle Parking Enforcement Device
The Barnacle is a safer and convenient alternative to booting. Images © ITSA Solutions LLC.

The Barnacle is a device that aims to provide a more efficient and innovative solution to parking enforcement. Using latest materials and technology, the Barnacle attaches to the vehicle windshield using commercial-grade suction cups that provide 1,000 pounds of force and obstruct the driver’s view. Equipped with an integrated electric pump and GPS tracking, the Barnacle offers a safe and convenient solution for managing motorist violations and revenue collection.

The problem with booting and towing

Since the boot was invented in the 1940’s, parking enforcement technology hadn’t evolved. Not only has the boot proven to be universally hated, it also presents many inefficiencies, environmental hazards and danger for drivers and parking enforcers themselves.

Additionally, the parking boot is heavy, difficult to transport, and dangerous to deploy and remove (in the street with your back exposed). Not to mention, the boot takes up to 10 minutes to deploy. The Barnacle however, is lightweight and 14.5 pounds. It’s easily transported by car and bicycle, and deployed from the curb in 30 seconds.

From cities, to hospitals, universities, airports, and many more, the Barnacle brings a much needed improvement to a product that has seen no improvement since the 1940’s.

The need for a better solution

Imagine you are on your way to a very important meeting and you find a parking boot on your car. You now have to wait for a parking enforcement officer to remove the boot and, if your car is to be towed, wait for the tow truck to arrive because a car cannot be towed with a boot on it. As many of us know, this process can take several hours and change the course of your day.

Barnacle Non-Damaging to Vehicle
Unlike boots, the Barnacle is non-damaging to the vehicle.

The Barnacle allows you to make that very important meeting. By calling the number displayed on the Barnacle and paying over the phone with a credit card, you will receive a one-time release code. Simply enter the release code into the keypad and the suction cups will release. You then have twenty-four hours to return the Barnacle to a predetermined location. From start to finish, the Barnacle makes this frustrating process quick and easy. What once took hours, can now take minutes.

User Experience and Safety

Safety was one of Kevin Dougherty’s concerns, when designing the Barnacle. He wanted to be sure that parking enforcement officials and agents never have to kneel down in traffic to secure a parking boot, so the enforcement tool was designed to allow them to attach it from the safety of the curb, from a standing position. As mentioned above, a fast 30 second deployment allows the parking enforcement officer to maintain his situational awareness and avoid harm from both angry motorists and oncoming traffic.

Barnacle Safe Curbside Deployment
Safe curbside deployment.

The company hopes the Barnacle will also help change public perception of parking officials, proving them to be city ambassadors, not villains—after all, much of ticket revenue goes right back into public services, like schools.

Real-time data and alerts

As a deterrent, the Barnacle comes equipped with a motion-sensing alarm, which will sound if the vehicle is in motion or the device is tampered with. The suction cups are protected by two layers of plastic fingers, anti-tamper gaskets, and a drill resistant shield. The Barnacle is also GPS trackable and can send the parking enforcement department real-time updates of location and alarm alerts in the unlikely event that a Barnacle is illegally removed or the vehicle is driven.

The Barnacle is also very bright yellow, large, and visible as it goes on your windshield. Unlike the boot, which experiences several compromises, the Barnacle’s location, size, and color serve as a large deterrent.

Source: Barnacle Parking