Titan by Tempus Electric Bikes looks like a vintage motorcycle

The Titan by Tempus Electric Bikes resembles a vintage motorcycle.

Biking is already one of the sustainable means of commuting around. However, not everyone is able to muster the energy needed to ride a bike. Electric bikes take most of the hard work out of riding a bike and The Titan by Tempus is one of the most affordable electric bikes you’ll see. It comes with a full suspension and a mid-drive motor system that makes biking less of an exercise. Just what you need in a commuter or cruise bike.

The Titan by Tempus is a fairly heavy bike, thus not perfectly suited for heavy off-road use. Most of the bike’s weight leans on its rear side. The bike’s mid-drive motor system provides an impressive climbing ability. If you live in a terrain full of hills and slopes, you will absolutely enjoy the Titan. However, you would need to be careful when shifting gears. If you do not do this properly, the chain and cassette would be subject to premature wear and tear. With little practice, you should be able to master how to shift gears properly when riding the Titan by Tempus.

Features and performance

The bike looks solid on the eye and it owes this sturdy look to the aircraft grade steel that was used in its construction. Thankfully, it boasts the performance that matches its sturdy look. The bike can attain a top speed of 28 mph or 45 km/h. When fully charged, the bike can take the rider all of 70km with moderate pedaling. Without pedaling, the range reduces to about 40km. Its performance is owed to a 1000W hub motor and a removable Lithium-ion battery. The battery has a charge time of about 5 hours.

Although the seats are big enough to accommodate two persons, the manufacturer recommends that only one person should ride the bike at a time. If there must be two persons, you should note that the bike has a maximum load of 300lbs. Anything beyond that and you may be putting yourself and your bike at risk. The bike is built to accommodate a wide range of heights. Anyone between 5’ 2’’ and 6’ 6’’ can enjoy a comfortable cruise on the Titan. Plans are in place to make Titan bikes with varying wheel sizes. When that happens, customers will be able to customize their seat height and enjoy the perfect ride.

Complete control for the rider

The bike prides itself in offering riders complete control. You can lock your Titan with a password, tweak the pedal assist level and adjust your maximum speed. You also get to see your speed on the bike and the percentage of battery you have left. The hydraulic disk brakes are among the special features of the bike. No matter your speed, the brakes make bringing the bike to a halt easy as pie.

When is the Titan’s launch date?

The bike is expected to launch April 2019. You can pre-order the bike before Dec 31st to receive the bike at launch.