CrossHelmet X1 – Smart motorcycle helmet that gives you a 360 degree view

CrossHelmet X1 gives you a 360° view of the road without taking your eyes off the road.

Over the years, motorcycles have evolved tremendously. The sturdy, functional machines we have on the streets today are radically different from the first motorcycle that was introduced in 1885. However, technology seemed to forget an important accessory for motorcycle riders- the helmet. CrossHelmet hopes to change the status quo by blazing the trail for the next generation helmets. With novel technology such as sound control and 360-degree visibility, Borderless proves that there could be so much more to the motorcycle helmet.

Design and technology

The CrossHelmet obviously looks sleek on the eye. But beyond its extremely pleasing aesthetics, there is nothing much to suggest that it is different from conventional helmets. Talk about not judging a book by its cover! Perhaps the most important feature of the helmet is the rear vision it provides for the rider. This is made possible by a high-definition rear-view camera that projects a live feed onto a lens in the visor. Thus, riders are able to look back without taking their eyes off the front. In addition to the rear view camera, the wide-view visor allows the rider to see even more of the road and eliminates blind spots.

More than the 360-degree visibility, however, the smart helmet also displays GPS information, has Bluetooth connectivity, and comes with a music player. All these features can be controlled via an app, as you would expect from any smart device. If you are worried about how you’ll possibly enjoy playing music while riding, the speakers and built-in noise control system have you covered.

Riding information and information sharing

The CrossHelmet, through the app also provides vital information like weather updates, waypoints, distance to destination and projected time, etc. If you enjoy riding in packs, the CrossHelmet is ideal for your group. There’s a group talk feature that facilitates communication among group riders. Riders can freely share their locations, including photos and videos. The riders without a CrossHelmet would also have access to the shared information as long as they belong to the group.

The mobile app works on Android and iOS platforms. Essential HUD features of the helmet can be accessed through the touch panel. If you love riding with gloves, a capacitive sticker has been included to ensure you have no trouble accessing the panel. At full charge, the battery lasts 6-8 hours. Expectedly, the helmet would still perform its primary objective of protecting the rider’s head even when the battery is spent.


The CrossHelmet seamlessly combines safety and smart technology. The helmet has a similar build and comparable structural strength to helmets used by automotive racers. With variable thickness and other advanced features, the helmet is more than capable of withstanding strong physical impacts. The helmet comes with a proprietary Lithium Ceramic Battery (LCB). Borderless assures that the battery is risk-free i.e. there is no danger of smoke, fire, leakage, or explosion following a physical impact or thermal damage to the battery.

Pricing information

The helmet is available for pre-order at about $1,750. While the price may seem expensive at first glance, the features the helmet promise makes it more than worth it. When you consider that a conventional helmet may cost as much as $800 to $1000, buying this smart helmet looks like the smart choice. Orders would be shipped between February 2019 and April 2019, depending on your location.