World’s toughest e-RV: All-electric Toyota Hilux camper

RedSands 5-Person Hilux Camper
The five-person Hilux camper from RedSands set up for an evening under the stars. Images © RedSands Campers

Australia’s first all-electric 4WD camper truck, based on the globally renowned Toyota Hilux, is set to break new ground in the world of eco-friendly adventure vehicles. The Hilux has long been a favorite for off-road enthusiasts, serving as the base for numerous go-anywhere micro-campers. In collaboration with fleet electrification specialist Roev, Perth-based 4WD camper rental company RedSands plans to create the perfect e-pickup camper for those seeking a quiet and clean escape into the great unknown.

The new all-electric 4WD camper marks a significant milestone for the Australian market as one of the first all-electric motorized RVs. Although Australia has previously produced all-electric towable campers, such as the Retreat ERV and models from Harvok and Condemine, the RedSands-Roev camper will be a self-contained vehicle capable of commuting to and from camp under its own electric power.

Based on Australia’s two best-selling pickups, the Hilux and Roev’s electro-converted Ford Ranger, the all-electric camper is a uniquely tailored solution for eco-conscious adventurers. RedSands will provide Roev with data and specifications from its existing Hilux fleet to develop an electrification solution specifically designed for 4×4 camping.

Roev currently offers two Hilux/Ranger electrification packages for fleet customers: a 64-kWh battery package with up to 149 miles (240 km) of range and a 96-kWh battery package providing up to 223 miles (360 km) of range. Each conversion comes with an 11-kW AC charger, 80-kW CCS DC fast-charging capability, regenerative braking, and vehicle-to-load outlets for powering tools and electrical equipment.

RedSands 5-Person Hilux Camper Rooftop Tents Hilux Double Cab
RedSands’ 5-person rental features two rooftop tents and a Hilux Double Cab configuration.

RedSands’ standard turbo-diesel Hilux 4WD camper rental lineup includes two camper trucks featuring tent-topped flatbed canopy layouts popular in Australia. The two-person model has a single or extra cab and two-sleeper rooftop tent on the canopy, while the five-person model has a double cab and two rooftop tents, one on the cab and one on the canopy. The gull-winged canopy houses most of the equipment, including a dual-battery electrical system with management, a passenger-side kitchen with a slide-out 40-L fridge, a dual-burner gas stove, and an 80-L water supply.

While it’s unclear if RedSands will alter this setup for the electric truck, potential changes may include eliminating LPG bottles and replacing gas equipment with electrical equivalents, such as swapping the dual-burner portable stove for an induction cooker.

RedSands 2-Person Hilux Camper Single Rooftop Tent
The two-person Hilux turbo-diesel camper truck from RedSands comes equipped with a solo rooftop tent atop the canopy.

RedSands’ turbo-diesel Hilux campers are renowned for their off-road capabilities, featuring upgraded off-road suspension, heavy-duty all-terrain tires, an onboard air compressor, an off-road bumper and bull bar, a snorkel, and two spare tires.

As part of a broader electrification effort, RedSands is collaborating with campground operator G’Day Group to install electric charging infrastructure at several Western Australia campgrounds. The company plans to have its first all-electric 4WD campers available for rent in July 2024, aiming to stay ahead of Australia’s automotive/RV electrification curve and meet demand from its primarily European clientele. These customers are increasingly accustomed to driving electric vehicles in everyday life and are seeking electric vehicle travel options.

With the launch of the all-electric Toyota Hilux camper, Australia is set to offer eco-friendly adventurers a new way to explore the great outdoors without compromising on performance or sustainability.

RedSands Hilux Turbo-Diesel Camper Kitchen
The RedSands Hilux turbo-diesel camper boasts a kitchen with a slide-out refrigerator and a concealed dual-burner stove.

Source: RedSands