Wingless, compact gyroplane is a revolutionary personal aircraft for adventure seekers

Nisus Gyroplane Personal Aircraft
Jokertrike's Nisus is a revolutionary personal aircraft that offers aviation enthusiasts endless possibilities for adventure. Images © Jokertrike

Slovakia-based aircraft manufacturer Jokertrike has introduced a revolutionary personal aircraft called Nisus, designed for recreational and professional flying. The Nisus gyroplane aims to provide speed, safety, and comfort, featuring a compact design and innovative technologies that set it apart from traditional gyroplanes. Catering to various preferences and budgets, Nisus is available in three distinct models: Optimum, Comfort, and Platinum.

The Nisus gyroplane relies on a single engine-powered propeller to lift itself into the air, with a lengthy Gyrotech 8600 mm rotor functioning as the wing. It boasts an impressive maximum engine power of up to 141 Hp (in the Platinum model), allowing it to cruise comfortably at speeds of 80-100 mph (130-160 kph) and reach a top speed of 121 mph (195 kph). The gyroplane has a 310-mile (500-km) range and requires a takeoff distance of 656 feet (200 m) and a landing distance of 492 feet (150 m).

Built with a lightweight and sturdy structure, Nisus uses welded steel tubes to support its VTOL design, ensuring high rigidity and safety. The tail part and cabin are made from carbon fiber composites, further reducing the aircraft’s weight. The cabin is fully layered with Carbon Kevlar Hybrid (CKH) for added strength and durability. The gyroplane’s compact dimensions—15.6 feet (4.75 m) in length, 5.5 feet (1.68 m) in width, and 8.85 feet (2.7 m) in height—allow it to be stowed and parked in confined or restricted spaces.

Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, Nisus is an all-weather aircraft suitable for day-and-night flying. Its double rudder improves maneuverability at low speeds, particularly during landings. Additionally, the aircraft features an efficient cooling system to keep the engine cool even in high temperatures.

Nisus Gyroplane All-Weather Personal Aircraft
Nisus is an all-weather personal aircraft.

The two-seat rotorcraft offers a side-by-side cockpit, allowing for panoramic views during flights. The cabin is enclosed by a full circumferential frame and equipped with a pressure control system to handle increasing strain at higher altitudes. Inside, cushioned reclining seats with adjustable belts comfortably accommodate the pilot and passenger, featuring a striking red and black color palette for the cabin controls.

Nisus also incorporates a Buoyancy body design, which saves energy while operating. Essentially, the faster the gyroplane flies, the more energy it conserves.

Nisus Gyroplane Panoramic Views
Experience breathtaking panoramic views as you soar through the skies in the Nisus gyroplane.

The Nisus gyroplane is available in three models, each offering a unique set of features:

  1. Optimum: Equipped with a Rotax 912 UL+T engine (120 Hp), DMP propeller, Gyrotech rotor system, pneumatic rotor trim, Kanardia Aetos 7″ EMS/EFIS display, KRT2 radio, and various other amenities.
  2. Comfort: Building on the Optimum model, the Comfort edition features a more powerful Rotax 912 ULS+T engine (130 Hp), Trig TY91 radio, ASI, ALT, VSI, Compass, and additional luxurious features.
  3. Platinum: The top-of-the-line Platinum model boasts a Rotax 915iS engine (141 Hp), Nesis III 7″ display, Trig TY91 radio, Transponder TT21, ASI, ALT, VSI, Compass, and an extensive list of premium features and finishes.
Nisus Gyroplane Cushioned Reclining Seats
The Nisus gyroplane features cushioned reclining seats with adjustable belts.

Pricing for the Nisus gyroplane models is as follows: Optimum at €115,000 (about US$1,28,920), Comfort at €124,155 (about US$1,39,185), and Platinum at €146,325 (about US$1,64,040).

The Nisus gyroplane is an ideal choice for both private owners seeking adventurous experiences and professionals in need of a comfortable aircraft for monitoring, surveillance, and safety missions. With its innovative design, advanced features, and impressive performance, the Nisus gyroplane offers unparalleled flying experiences tailored to suit various preferences and budgets.

Nisus Gyroplane Rotor
The rotor of the gyroplane is your wing.

In summary, Jokertrike’s Nisus gyroplane is a cutting-edge personal aircraft designed for recreational and professional flying. Its compact design, safety features, and high-performance capabilities make it a top choice for aviation enthusiasts. Available in three distinct models—Optimum, Comfort, and Platinum—Nisus caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets, ensuring that pilots and passengers can enjoy the thrill of flying with unmatched comfort and style.

Nisus Gyroplane Personal Aircraft In Flight
The Nisus Gyroplane in flight.
Nisus Gyroplane Day-and-Night Flying
Nisus is an all-weather aircraft suitable for day-and-night flying.

Source: Nisus