Modular mini-camper transforms from 8-seat MPV to RV with stackable pods

Adria Mode Modular Camper Van
The Adria Mode combines the versatility of an 8-seat MPV with the convenience of an RV through its innovative stackable pod system. Images courtesy Adria

In a market increasingly crowded with versatile camping solutions, Adria Mobil’s new Mode mini-camper sets itself apart with a clever blend of simplicity and modularity. Hailing from Slovenia, Adria Mobil has carved a niche by introducing a vehicle that competes directly with established models like the Pössl Campsters and Crosscamp Lites, but with a unique twist that could sway potential buyers looking for something different.

The core innovation of the Mode lies in its use of modular pods that transform the vehicle from a multi-purpose van (MPV) into a recreational vehicle (RV) in minutes. Unlike traditional campers, which often permanently allocate space to bulky fixtures, the Mode utilizes stackable pods that can be easily added or removed, providing a flexible setup tailored to each trip’s needs.

Design and utility

Each Mode pod measures 46 x 57 x 35 cm, crafted from a combination of durable Symalite thermoplastic and Cordura fabric, with a sturdy PVC base. The design is streamlined to avoid the need for special flooring or mounting tracks, which are common in other systems. The pods are designed to be highly portable, equipped with integrated handles for easy transport and secure loading.

The modular system includes four primary pods: one houses a fully integrated sink with a 15-liter capacity for both fresh and waste water, an electric pump, and a multi-use faucet. This can function as a sink, a cold shower, or a gear sprayer. Another pod contains a Dometic 26-liter fridge, essential for keeping food and drinks chilled. The remaining two pods are left empty, providing storage space for personal gear or the opportunity for users to customize their own setups, such as incorporating a portable toilet.

Adria Mode Modular Camper Van Pods as Furniture
Use the pods as furniture when they’re not in use.

Versatility and configuration

One of the standout features of the Mode is its ability to rapidly transform from an eight-seater MPV into a camper. The pods are not only functional but also serve as furniture. They can be used as benches or tables, creating a versatile living or dining space within or outside the van. This design feature is particularly appealing to those who value both utility and space efficiency.

Adria Mode Modular Camper Van Stackable Pods
Adria’s pods are designed to stack compactly, optimizing space within the van.

The vehicle itself is based on the Citroën SpaceTourer, known for its reliability and comfortable ride. It comes with a choice of a 145 or 180-hp 2.0-liter diesel engine, offering robust performance for both everyday driving and longer trips. The SpaceTourer’s floor rails, while not necessary for the pods, enhance the interior’s configurability, allowing for adjustable seating arrangements depending on the number of passengers and the desired amount of cargo space.

Additional features and options

The Mode isn’t just about storage and seating; it’s equipped with a pop-up roof that includes a double bed, measuring 195 x 120 cm, providing comfortable sleeping quarters for two. The van also features swivel seats, a shore power hookup, multiple 230V electrical outlets, a 100-Ah AGM battery in some markets, and an innovative induction cooker that folds away to maximize space.

Adria Mode Modular Camper Van Layouts
Various configurations for camping and daily driving.

For those needing additional sleeping space, an optional bed can be installed behind the second row, extending across the cabin width. This feature is particularly useful for families or groups.

Pricing and market position

Introduced at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon, the Mode mini-camper has a base price of €55,799, which is approximately $59,332. Considering the flexibility and features offered, this price places the Mode competitively within the niche market of mini-campers. However, potential buyers should note that adding optional features like extra camping pods, black-out shades, an awning, a tailgate tent, a portable toilet, and a camp heater can significantly increase the cost, likely pushing it into the $60,000 range.

Adria Mode Modular Camper Van Pods


The Adria Mode mini-camper represents a significant innovation in the camper van market, offering unprecedented flexibility and ease of use. Its modular design allows owners to tailor the vehicle’s setup to their specific needs, making it an attractive option for adventurers who desire a balance of comfort and versatility. While the price point might be a consideration, the benefits of such a modular system could well justify the investment for avid campers and travelers looking for a compact, multipurpose vehicle.

Adria Mode Modular Camper Van Sleeping Space
The absence of a kitchen block allows the Mode to offer expanded sleeping space.

Source: Adria