Sleek neighborhood cruiser transforms into an impressive 18-foot boat

WaterCar EV Car Boat
The WaterCar EV seamlessly transitions from an electric vehicle to an 18-foot boat. Images courtesy WaterCar

In an era where flexibility and efficiency in transportation are highly valued, the WaterCar EV emerges as a notable innovation. This vehicle combines the utility of a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) with the adventurous potential of an 18-foot boat, seamlessly transitioning between land and water with a simple push of a button. This dual-capability introduces a unique mode of travel that bridges the gap between daily commuting and recreational boating.

Design and build

The WaterCar EV is constructed using a high-tech aluminum unibody, a design choice that enhances both its aesthetic and functional appeal. The use of aluminum and stainless steel not only gives it a sleek, modern look but also ensures a lightweight yet durable build. Its foam-filled hull is virtually unsinkable, a safety feature that bolsters confidence in its capabilities as a boat. This design also includes reinforced closed-cell flotation foam, further enhancing its buoyancy and structural integrity.

Advanced features

The vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art marine-grade electronics that optimize its performance in water. These features ensure navigation ease and reliability, essential for boating enthusiasts who prioritize safety and efficiency. On land, the WaterCar EV operates on a 48-volt lithium-ion motor, which is both powerful and energy-efficient. In water, it switches to a Mercury 115 Pro XS motor, renowned for its robust performance and dependability.

Operational simplicity

One of the most appealing aspects of the WaterCar EV is its focus on simplifying the boating experience. By removing the need for boat ramps, trailers, and docking fees, the vehicle makes boating more accessible and less cumbersome. This design philosophy extends to its user interface, which allows for an easy transition from driving to boating mode, making spontaneous water outings feasible and inviting.

WaterCar-EV Car Boat Aluminum Unibody Hull
The WaterCar EV features a high-strength aluminum unibody construction, enhancing its durability and performance both on land and water.

Performance and range

The WaterCar EV boasts a combined range of over 100 miles, catering to both daily commutes and extended leisure activities without the need for frequent recharging. This range can be extended, offering further flexibility for users who have longer travel needs. The inclusion of advanced planing hull technology also ensures that the vehicle moves efficiently through water, minimizing drag and maximizing speed.

WaterCar EV Car Boat Neighborhood Cruiser
The WaterCar EV is a sleek neighborhood cruiser that offers a smooth and efficient ride on land.

Market innovation and experience

Celebrating two decades of manufacturing amphibious vehicles, WaterCar’s experience and innovation are clearly reflected in the WaterCar EV. The company holds a leading position in the amphibious vehicle market and is known for its commitment to quality and safety. This longstanding reputation helps reinforce customer confidence in the new WaterCar EV, which combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.

WaterCar-EV 18-foot Seaworthy Boat
The WaterCar EV is powered on water by a high-performance Mercury 115 Pro XS motor.

Environmental considerations

In line with global trends towards more sustainable transport options, the WaterCar EV represents a shift towards eco-friendly technology in amphibious vehicles. The electric motor reduces carbon emissions on land, while the efficient marine motor minimizes environmental impact on water, making it an appealing choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

WaterCar-EV Car Boat Transformation
The WaterCar-EV is a stylish neighborhood cruiser that converts into an 18-foot boat at the touch of a button.

Pricing and availability

Prospective buyers of the WaterCar EV can reserve their model with a $5,000 fully refundable deposit. This reservation puts them on a waitlist for a vehicle that typically takes 3-4 months to deliver. The financial commitment required to own a WaterCar EV is expected to fall within the upper hundred-thousand-dollar range, although specific current pricing details have not been disclosed. Historical data from a 2014 Chicago Tribune report indicates that the WaterCar Panther, the company’s initial commercial offering, was priced at $135,000, suggesting a similar premium price point for the latest model.

WaterCar-EV Car Boat Amphibious Vehicle
The WaterCar EV eliminates the need for ramps, trailers, and docking fees, simplifying your boating experience.


The WaterCar EV is more than just a vehicle; it’s a versatile solution for the modern traveler, blending daily convenience with the lure of nautical adventure. Its robust build, coupled with cutting-edge technology and ease of use, positions it as a desirable option for both seasoned boaters and those new to the water. As WaterCar gears up for its latest model’s production, the WaterCar EV is set to redefine amphibious travel, promising an exciting blend of innovation, luxury, and environmental responsibility. This vehicle is not merely a means of transportation; it’s an invitation to explore new horizons in a way that was once thought impossible.

Source: WaterCar