Split seat bike saddle moves with your legs for ultimate comfort

vabsRider Bicycle Saddle
vabsRider by ataraxyBSC is claimed to be "the world's first virtual axis bicycle seat." Images courtesy ataraxyBSC

Cycling enthusiasts often face the common issue of saddle soreness, which can significantly impact the comfort and duration of their rides. Addressing this problem, the vabsRider bicycle saddle offers an innovative solution by moving in sync with the cyclist’s legs, promising a more comfortable experience.

The concept for this unique saddle was first envisioned by Australian engineer Robin Macan in 2016. Seeking to enhance the traditional bicycle seat design, Macan collaborated with industrial designer Philippe Guichard and later with the Melbourne-based Whistle Design Group. This partnership resulted in the creation of a marketable product, now being commercialized by Macan’s startup, ataraxyBSC.

The vabsRider’s standout feature is its split seat design, which allows the two sides of the saddle to pivot independently. This design innovation enables the saddle to move in harmony with the cyclist’s pedaling motion.

According to ataraxyBSC, “The innovative split seat design allows for individual movement of the legs, rotating around the hip joints on an axis that is virtual to the seat.” By allowing the saddle to move up and down with the legs, the pressure is shifted from the sit bones to the femurs, resulting in a more even distribution of weight and reducing discomfort.

vabsRider Bicycle Saddle How it Works
The vabsRider bike saddle’s split seat independently moves with your legs, transferring pressure from the sit bones to the femurs for a more even load distribution.

Further enhancing its ergonomic benefits, the vabsRider’s system-specific seatpost comes equipped with set screws that facilitate multiple adjustments. Cyclists can modify the fore/aft and height positions, as well as the angle and width of the saddle, ensuring a personalized fit for maximum comfort.

Although the vabsRider saddle is not yet available for purchase, potential customers can express their interest by contacting the company directly. Details on pricing and availability are still pending, as the product is in the final stages of preparation for market release.

vabsRider Bicycle Saddle Top Down View
An overhead look at the vabsRider.

For cyclists seeking a more comfortable ride, the vabsRider promises to be a significant improvement over traditional saddles, aligning with the natural movements of the body to alleviate common discomforts associated with long rides.

vabsRider Bicycle Saddle Compatibility
The vabsRider is adaptable to various bike styles and sizes, with customizable adjustments for angle, height, and width.

Source: ataraxyBSC