Bizarre wooden vehicle rolls on the streets of Vietnam

Wooden Vehicle ND Woodworking Art
Inspired by generative AI, this striking vehicle highlights its creator's exceptional woodworking talent. Images courtesy ND Woodworking Art

In the bustling streets of Vietnam, an extraordinary wooden vehicle is turning heads with its unique design and whimsical charm. This remarkable creation, resembling a concept of a time machine, is the brainchild of YouTube creator Truong Van Dao, who has gained fame for his intricate wooden vehicles.

Truong Van Dao, a woodworking engineer, has been showcasing his talent on his YouTube channel, which has garnered a significant following over the past three years. His journey began with carving shoebox-sized replicas of classic luxury cars and supercars. However, he quickly gained international attention when he created a small wooden Ferrari replica that his son could sit in and be pushed around in. This initial project set the stage for more ambitious undertakings.

One of his early masterpieces was an exquisitely detailed Bugatti Centodieci replica, built at a roughly one-third to one-half scale. This creation not only allowed his son to sit in it but also featured working steering and a small electric drivetrain, enabling it to move around. The Bugatti project marked a significant milestone in Truong’s career, establishing a strong audience for his channel and encouraging him to pursue even more complex projects.

Truong’s channel soon became a showcase for a wide range of wooden vehicles, including tanks, trains, scooters, and various mini-supercars. His repertoire extended beyond commercially available models to include stunning recreations of wild concept cars. Notable examples include the Lamborghini Vision GT, Audi Skysphere, and Mercedes Vision AVTR, all brought to life with meticulous craftsmanship.


However, Truong’s most captivating project to date ventures into the realm of pure mechanical fantasy art. This project began with Truong experimenting with generative AI to develop a design concept. He then constructed a simple metal frame, steering, and suspension system, and a small electric drivetrain before embarking on the intricate woodwork.

Bizarre Wooden Vehicle ND Woodworking Art Ram Skull
Truong Van Dao’s wooden car, resembling a ram skull, rolls down the street.

The resulting vehicle features chunky wooden front wheels with elaborate clockwork-like hubs, complemented by enormous snail-shell hoops at the rear. A curved and slatted wooden roof, headlights, and internal neons add to the vehicle’s distinctive appearance.

Wooden Vehicle ND Woodworking Art Kids
Truong Van Dao drives his intricately crafted wooden car, with his children enjoying the ride inside.

Truong also incorporated a series of cog-driven lever mechanisms at the front, which can be activated to create a wobbling motion reminiscent of the wind-powered Strandbeest sculptures. This complex mechanism, while not contributing to the vehicle’s movement, adds a whimsical and fantastical element to the design.

Wooden Vehicle ND Woodworking Art Internal Lighting
The wooden car features internal neon lighting, adding a modern touch to its intricate design.

Despite its impracticality and needless complexity, the wooden time machine has a strange beauty that captivates onlookers. As Truong navigates the streets, locals often giggle at the sight of the vehicle, with its operator peering through a tiny slot for forward vision. Truong’s children, however, thoroughly enjoy the unique experience of rolling around in this fantastical creation.

Wooden Vehicle ND Woodworking Art Front Vision
Visibility is limited from the front, with the view partially obscured by the gently moving mechanical mechanisms.

Watch the relaxing build video below.

Source: ND – Woodworking Art