Luxurious $1 million motorhome sleeps a family of six and your Porsche

The Variomobil Signature 1200, a million dollar motorhome, is so big you can park a CAR inside it.

The Variomobil Signature 1200 is one of the largest and most expensive motorhomes you’ll ever see or read about. It follows a long line of behemoth automobiles from Variomobil and there is little surprise that this is a clear upgrade on earlier installments. The vehicle sports a 523-hp diesel engine that is capable of taking you anywhere with a road network. Perhaps you’re at camp and you need a smaller vehicle to get around, the Signature 1200 has a garage that’s big enough to house a Porsche 911, Mini Cooper, Mercedes V8, or other similarly-sized vehicles.

Design and Features

The exquisitely designed motorhome rightly looks like a monster, but it still has a nice aesthetic appeal. Measuring all of 39 feet, the three-axle chassis Mercedes-Benz Actros based home is indeed the real deal. Perhaps the vehicle’s most impressive feature is the tailgate at the rear, which pops open to expose a garage. The vehicle has three garage size options, the largest of which can serve as a temporary home to your Mini Cooper or any other car in its ilk.

Assisted driving technology

Monstrous vehicles could be typically difficult to pilot. However, the Signature 1200 comes with a wide variety of technologies, incorporated to make life easy for the driver. A steerable trailing axle improves maneuverability and an air suspension system further optimizes the driving experience. The vehicle is also equipped with other driver-assistance technologies like an active braking assist, lane departure alert, and a 360-degree camera system.

Luxurious interior

As expected, the interior of the Signature 1200 is a bed of luxury. The insulated fiberglass cabin promises to provide the maximum comfort. Moreover, Variomobil offers customers the opportunity to customize the interior to suit their taste and preferences. The available equipment and furnishings include a 190-L refrigerator, full bathroom with mineral stone sink, dishwasher, induction cooktop. The motorhome also boasts of an LED TV with satellite, real wood veneers, leather upholstery, and lots more.

Depending on the customer’s specifications, the cabin can sleep four to six people. There is an additional option of a pull-down bed when there is a need for it.

To satisfy your energy needs, the Signature 1200 is equipped with up to 420 watts of solar panels. It has a 170-Ah battery-based electrical system, alongside a fuel cell or diesel generator. There is also a 500-L freshwater tank, water heating system, air conditioning, and optional floor heating systems or diesel hot water heaters.

Pricing info

Updated 27th April, 2021: The Signature 1200 literally costs an arm and a leg and is definitely not for everybody. However, if the $922,000 base price tag does not send chills down your spine, there is absolutely no reason not to go for it. The luxurious monster promises to add more fun and comfort to your camping, vacations, or road trips.

Customizing the vehicle could cost you a few hundred thousand dollars more as the options list includes items that could cost more than $50,000. The motorhome made its debut at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon and the model on show was worth $1.3 million.