$1.6-million SOD 6×6 motorhome is a robust yet welcoming rustic-modern adventurer

Stone Offroad Design Peak 6x6 Offroad RV
SOD's Peak 6x6 is the seamless blend of a tough 6x6 truck chassis with a luxurious, fully-equipped motorhome. Images © Stone Offroad Design

Stone Offroad Design (SOD) has recently taken the overlanding world by storm with the debut of their $1.6-million Peak 6×6 expedition motorhome, designed to seamlessly blend ultra-luxurious living with a rugged, versatile vehicle chassis. As part of SOD’s ambitious Peak Series, the Peak 6×6 epitomizes the merging of rustic chic with a sturdy and reliable off-road design.

SOD, a German builder known for their modern Unimog campers, presents a fresh perspective to the 6×6 expedition motorhome segment, often dominated by established manufacturers such as Action Mobil and Unicat. Their designs stand out, especially on the inside, featuring rugged, photogenic RVs designed for the off-road adventurer who also appreciates comfort and style.

The showcased model, the Peak 6×6 3358-6500, is built on a Mercedes-Benz Arocs heavy-duty 6WD truck chassis, normally used for hauling construction machinery and materials. The vehicle boasts a powerful 578-hp 15.6-L six-cylinder engine coupled with a Mercedes Powershift 3 transmission. In addition, SOD offers the 3352-6500 variant, based on the 520-hp MAN TGX 33.520 6×6.

The transformation from a basic six-wheeled workhorse to an opulent exploration vessel involves securing a 6.5-m (21-ft) motorhome box on a custom hot-dipped galvanized subframe, with a triple-point vibration-dampening attachment system. SOD uses fiberglass-sandwich construction with foam insulation, crafting a shell with a thickness ranging from 60 to 80 mm (2.4 to 3.1 inches), depending on specific build requirements.

SOD Peak 6x6 Offroad RV
Sitting right in the middle of SOD’s Peak series, the 6×6 model perfectly balances the compact power of the 4×4 and the expansive might of the 8×8.

Step inside the Peak 6×6, and the true beauty of SOD’s design becomes evident. The layout offers a semi-enclosed rear bedroom centered around a raised double bed. A compact kitchen is conveniently positioned close to the dinette, featuring a cooktop, sink, ample storage, an oven across the entryway, and a standing-height fridge/freezer next to the dining area.

The bathroom layout is unique, located ahead of the bedroom. The design incorporates a toilet at the rear of a long driver-side shower room, while a sink and vanity are positioned across on the passenger side. While this configuration allows for greater separation between the toilet and shower, it may not suit everyone’s preference for a more traditional split dry bathroom.

SOD Peak 6x6 Offroad RV Bathroom
SOD innovatively splits the washroom into a long combined shower/toilet zone and a separate sink section.

The interior features a harmonious blend of neutrals and naturals, exuding a sense of warmth and depth. Despite trends predicting grays to fall out of fashion, the Peak 6×6’s gray upholstery and soft-touch wall trim beautifully complement the knotty-grained wood walls, surfaces, and cabinet faces. The structural blacks and appliances add another neutral layer, striking a balance between urban modernity and rustic charm.

Among other notable features, a robust door reminiscent of a bank vault seals off the driver’s cab pass-through. This stylish centerpiece could double as a barricade should the need arise. The coded central door and storage hatch locking system add to the vehicle’s security.

SOD Peak 6x6 Offroad RV Floor Plan
The Peak 6×6 boasts a well-thought-out floor plan, featuring adjacent kitchen and dining areas and a rear bedroom conveniently situated next to the bathroom.

The Peak 6×6 starts at €1.5 million (approx. US$1.64 million), according to a listing on the German vehicle sales site Mobile.de. However, this price can quickly increase depending on individual customization requirements. For those who find the 6.5 x 2.5-m (21 x 8-ft, L x W) motorhome box a bit cramped, SOD also offers the Peak 8×8 featuring a more spacious 7.5 x 2.5-m (25 x 8-ft) box, perfect for those seeking additional room.

In conclusion, the Peak 6×6 is a testament to SOD’s mastery in seamlessly merging the ruggedness of a versatile vehicle chassis with ultra-luxurious living. Its blend of power, ruggedness, and opulence sets it apart from other players in the industry. Whether one is a seasoned overlander or someone dreaming about off-grid exploration, the Peak 6×6 is a one-of-a-kind mobile sanctuary that stands ready to deliver a remarkable and comfortable off-road adventure.

SOD Peak 6x6 Offroad RV Vault-Style Door
Stone Offroad Design equips the Peak 6×6 with a robust, vault-like door for pass-through access.

Source: Stone Offroad Design