Pop-up Cube camper offers four-season comfort with innovative hard walls

Cube Series Pop-up Camper Trailer
The Cube trailer features hard walls that expand to provide a spacious, four-season camping experience. Images courtesy Cube Series

The Cube Series, an Oregon-based startup, has expanded its innovative lineup with the introduction of the Cube trailer, a novel addition to the world of camping trailers. Initially recognized for its unique hard-wall pickup camper, Cube Series has now adapted its technology to meet the demands of both truck camper enthusiasts and those preferring the autonomy of a camping trailer. This development promises a new level of convenience and flexibility for outdoor adventurers.

The Cube trailer distinguishes itself by offering a low-profile design during transit and an expansive setup at camp. Measuring just over 17.5 feet in length and 6.3 feet in height when towed, it fits comfortably on roads and in RV pitches, without the cumbersome size of larger trailers. Yet, it transforms at the campsite, employing a set of 12V actuators to raise its roof, seamlessly expanding into a full-height shelter.

Designed for a crew of two to four people, the interior of the Cube trailer is both practical and welcoming. The main sleeping area is situated against the rear wall, featuring a double bed with extensive drawer storage. The layout includes an L-shaped kitchen block equipped with a dual-burner stove, sink, an 85-liter fridge/freezer, and a microwave, catering to all the culinary needs of the campers.

The dining experience is centralized around a dual-bench dinette located at the front of the trailer, which also converts into additional sleeping space for two. This efficient use of space ensures that the trailer can comfortably accommodate up to four people, making it an ideal choice for families or small groups.

Cube Series Pop-up Camper Trailer Low Profile
The Cube trailer maintains a low profile of 6.3 feet when towed, enhancing maneuverability and reducing wind resistance.

An optional feature in the Cube trailer is its innovative collapsible bathroom. Unlike traditional designs, it includes a hard-sided shower basin that can be tucked away, transforming the space into a standing-height work area or shelf when not in use. This wet bath design allows for the toilet to remain in place during showers, providing enhanced convenience compared to more cramped alternatives.

Cube Series Pop-up Camper Trailer 4 Season
The Cube trailer is equipped for four-season use, featuring insulated walls and a 19,000-BTU furnace.

Understanding the needs of all-season adventurers, the Cube trailer is equipped with a 19,000-BTU forced air furnace, a 12V water heater, and an enclosed, heated compartment for holding tanks to ensure comfort in colder climates. Its comprehensive winterization system supports year-round escapades in various weather conditions.

Cube Series Pop-up Camper Trailer Interior
The Cube Series trailer boasts a four-person sleeping area, rear master bed, full kitchen, dining lounge with a sofa, and a collapsible wet bath.

Electrical needs are met with a robust system that includes an AGM battery, a DC-to-DC charger for battery recharging from a truck, and a 30-A shore power hookup. For those venturing off-grid, optional upgrades such as lithium batteries, a 2,000-W inverter, and an 1,140-W solar panel array are available, enhancing the trailer’s autonomy and eco-friendliness.

Cube Series Pop-up Camper Trailer Wet Bathroom
The Cube trailer’s wet bathroom features a unique collapsible design for efficient use of space and convenience.

The Cube trailer boasts a vacuum-bonded fiberglass body supported by aluminum underpinnings, which ensures durability while maintaining a manageable weight of 2,730 pounds. It also offers considerable capacity for fresh and gray water, each holding up to 94.5 liters, and 53 liters for LPG, sufficient for extended trips without frequent resupply.

Cube Series Pop-up Camper Trailer Interior
Inside the Cube trailer.

The Cube Series offers its innovative trailer at a base price of $55,730. Additional customization options include an off-road package, air conditioning, various solar charging setups, and a wet bath configuration. Plans for a bunk bed option are also underway to expand sleeping arrangements to a six-person capacity, promising even greater flexibility for larger groups.

Cube Series Pop-up Camper Trailer Fiberglass Roof
The Cube trailer features a lifting roof and a durable, vacuum-bonded fiberglass body for enhanced structural integrity.
Cube Series Pop-up Camper Trailer Rises Up
The Cube trailer extends to 9 feet 8 inches with electric actuation and manual wall folding, providing over 7.5 feet of interior standing height.

Source: Cube Series