Triton bubble-sub lets you explore ocean depths in style

Triton Bubble Luxury Submersible
The Triton 660/9 reaches speeds of up to 3 knots and supports missions lasting as long as 12 hours. Images courtesy Triton Submarines

In an era where luxury travel continuously seeks to push the boundaries of experience, the Triton 660/9 AVA submersible emerges as a sophisticated option for deep-sea exploration. This advanced vessel, developed by Triton Submarines, has been designed specifically for passengers aboard luxury cruise lines, allowing them to immerse themselves in the majestic tranquility of the ocean’s depths without sacrificing comfort.

The design of the Triton 660/9 AVA boasts a stretched bubble shape, courtesy of Triton’s Advanced Versatile Acrylics (AVA) technology. This innovative construction provides passengers with panoramic views of the underwater world, enhancing their experience as they dive up to 660 feet (200 meters) below the surface. The submersible’s configuration can comfortably accommodate nine individuals—eight guests and one pilot—making it an intimate yet spacious setting for underwater adventures.

The interior of the Triton 660/9 AVA does not skimp on luxury. It is outfitted with leather finishes and can be adapted for various uses, such as a cocktail bar, dining room, or spa clinic, depending on the desires of its affluent clientele. While the submersible includes most amenities expected in a luxury setting, passengers are advised to visit the restroom before boarding, as the sub does not include a bathroom.

After successful sea trials and receiving certification from DNV, an internationally recognized standard for maritime safety, the first unit of the Triton 660/9 AVA was delivered to Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours. Named the Scenic Neptune II, this submersible is now a prominent feature aboard the cruise ship Scenic Eclipse II, enhancing the vessel’s luxury offerings.

Triton Bubble Luxury Submersible in Showroom
The Triton 660/9 AVA in the showroom.

The Scenic Eclipse II, which recently made its way to Australian waters, is set to embark on a series of opulent cruises over the next two years. Its itinerary includes destinations around Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, and East Antarctica. For guests who find snorkeling too mundane, the Scenic Neptune II offers a more exclusive and engaging way to experience the marine environment.

Jason Flesher, Scenic’s Director of Discovery Operations, praised the submersible’s design, noting, “The clarity of the acrylic hull once submerged is such that you feel at one with the water. Encountering the vibrant marine life of the South Pacific and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef within Scenic Neptune II will create memories to last a lifetime.”

As for pricing, while specific rates for a journey aboard the Triton 660/9 AVA are not publicly disclosed, prospective passengers can expect a premium addition to their cruise expenses, reflective of the unique and luxurious nature of the experience.

Triton Bubble Luxury Submersible Shape
The Triton 660/9 AVA’s unique bubble shape offers passengers a stunning panoramic view for an immersive underwater experience.

The Triton 660/9 AVA represents a unique blend of technological innovation and luxury, promising an unparalleled underwater adventure for those fortunate enough to participate. As the boundaries of luxury travel continue to expand, the Triton 660/9 AVA sets a high bar for immersive, comfortable, and awe-inspiring experiences beneath the sea.

Source: Triton, Scenic