Supmaran: Use as two stand-up paddleboards or combine into a catamaran

Supmaran Boat Two Stand-up Paddleboards
The Supmaran transforms two stand-up paddleboards into a catamaran with a quick, 15-minute assembly, offering versatile water adventures. Images courtesy Supmaran

The Supmaran presents a unique solution for outdoor enthusiasts torn between paddleboarding and boating. This modular kit effortlessly combines the functionality of both watercraft, offering flexibility and convenience. It is the brainchild of Austrian outdoor enthusiasts Martin Schwaiger and Gregor Schuster, and has evolved through various prototypes since 2019. Currently, it is the focus of a Kickstarter campaign aimed at bringing this innovative product to market.

The Supmaran setup includes two inflatable standup paddleboards (SUPs), a snap-together tubular polymer frame, a waterproof fabric sunshade, an 80-liter cargo box, and two folding mesh chairs. This modular design allows users to utilize the SUPs separately for traditional paddleboarding or combine them for boating. For those who already own two identical SUPs, the kit can be purchased without the boards, allowing for cost savings.

The assembly process is straightforward and efficient. When boating is desired, the frame is snapped together, the sunshade is attached, and the entire structure is secured to the two side-by-side SUPs with four included straps. The chairs are then unfolded and strapped to the frame, and the cargo box is placed between the two chairs, providing storage for drinks, snacks, smartphones, and other essentials.

If a third-party electric trolling motor is used, it can be attached to the frame’s motor mount. Alternatively, the Supmaran can be paddled by two passengers, each paddling on their respective side.

Supmaran Paddleboards Boat Martin Schwaiger
Martin relaxes in the chair of his innovative creation, the Supmaran.

The entire assembly process is claimed to take less than 15 minutes, making it quick and convenient to switch between paddleboarding and boating. The complete setup weighs approximately 48 kg (106 lb) and can support a maximum passenger and cargo weight of 200 kg (441 lb). This weight capacity ensures that the Supmaran can comfortably accommodate two adults and their gear.

Supmaran Paddleboards Boat Fits in Car
The Supmaran disassembles to fit easily in the back of a car, making it highly portable for all your water adventures.

One of the notable features of the Supmaran is its portability. When disassembled and packed, the entire kit fits into the back of a car, making it easy to transport to various locations. Additionally, when the SUPs are used independently, the frame, sunshade, and chairs can be set up on the shore to create a mini gazebo, providing a comfortable and shaded area to relax.

Supmaran Paddleboards Boat Mini Gazebo
When not on the water, the Supmaran’s frame, sunshade, and chairs can be set up on shore to create a convenient mini gazebo.

The pricing for the Supmaran, assuming it reaches production, is set at €1,266 (approximately US$1,360) for the setup without the SUPs. For those who prefer the full package, including the SUPs, the cost is €1,920 (around US$2,063). This pricing reflects the versatility and convenience offered by the Supmaran, making it an attractive option for campers, travelers, and water sports enthusiasts seeking a multi-functional watercraft.

Supmaran Paddleboards Boat Cargo Box
The Supmaran features an 80-liter cargo box, perfect for storing drinks, snacks, and personal items during your adventures.

In summary, the Supmaran offers a practical and flexible solution for both paddleboarding and boating, making it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures. Its modular design, ease of assembly, and portability ensure that users can enjoy their water activities with minimal hassle and maximum enjoyment.

Source: Kickstarter