SeaBubbles launches foiling electric water taxi service in France

SeaBubbles Bubble Foiling Electric Water Taxi
The Bubble foiling water taxi, capable of carrying four passengers, has commenced commercial services in France, contributing to a sustainable transportation movement. Images courtesy SeaBubbles

In recent years, the transportation industry has seen a flurry of sustainable innovations. Taking the lead in maritime eco-friendly transport is SeaBubbles, which, after debuting its foiling electric water taxi in Miami back in 2019, has now commenced its first commercial service in France. This exciting venture is in partnership with the Grand Annecy and stands as a testament to the evolution of green transportation solutions.

Situated near the scenic Lake Annecy in the southeast of France, this commercial initiative is integrated into a broader sustainable transport project. Apart from the new SeaBubble water taxi, the project encompasses an electric shuttle service, complimentary seasonal buses, and self-service bicycles, thus providing an array of eco-friendly transport alternatives to locals and tourists alike.

Measuring 5 x 2.5 meters (16.4 x 8.2 feet), the battery-powered water taxi, named the “Bubble”, has the capacity to transport four passengers per trip. The design, inspired by automotive aesthetics, has passengers sitting face-to-face in its cabin. Depending on passengers’ preferences, they can opt for a closed cabin experience or choose to lift the mid-roof in two sections and open the side windows, fully embracing the breathtaking surroundings of Lake Annecy.

The Bubble’s functioning is quite intriguing. Initially, it moves through the water like any standard boat. However, as it accelerates beyond 7 knots (8 mph), the Bubble ascends on its hydrofoils, almost giving the sensation of floating above the water. Within moments, it reaches a cruising speed of 13 knots (15 mph). An integral onboard computer, equipped with data from various sensors, manages actuators that adjust for roll, pitch, and yaw, promising passengers a smooth, exhilarating journey.

SeaBubbles Bubble Foiling Electric Water Taxi Speed
The Bubble water taxi rises on hydrofoils to cruise smoothly above the water at speeds up to 13 knots.

For the inaugural two-month trial period, the SeaBubbles service plans to conduct eight trips daily. Such an initiative is anticipated to substantially decrease the carbon footprint of transportation in the area, potentially saving up to 100 tons of CO2 emissions.

Virginie Seurat, SeaBubbles’ CEO, expressed the company’s pride in being entrusted by the Grand Annecy urban community for the pilot line. She remarked, “This zero-carbon shuttle service not only offers a unique experience amidst the natural splendor of Lake Annecy but also showcases the potential to alleviate traffic congestion on the lake’s shores.”

SeaBubbles Bubble Foiling Electric Water Taxi Automotive Design
Influenced by automotive design, the Bubble water taxi features a cabin where passengers sit face-to-face, with options to open or close the cabin to the surrounding environment.

It’s worth noting that SeaBubbles also provides a hydrogen fuel cell version of their water taxi and a model designed to accommodate 8 to 12 passengers, catering to varying needs and preferences.

SeaBubbles Bubble Foiling Electric Water Taxi 2-Month Trial
During its two-month pilot, the Bubble foiling water taxi plans to conduct eight daily trips on the picturesque Lake Annecy.

Source: SeaBubbles