Skim across the water on these high-performance waterbikes

Chiliboats Waterbike Bikeboat Up Skimming On Water
Bikeboat Up by Chiliboats, effortlessly gliding across the water at speeds up to 10mph. Images © Chiliboats

Chiliboats is a leading innovator in the world of water sports, having engineered high-performance waterbikes that are transforming outdoor activities. With their two primary models, Bikeboat Up and Bikeboat Rec, Chiliboats’ designs cater to those who crave a unique and efficient means of traversing water bodies.

Waterbikes, as a general concept, bring the convenience of cycling to the water. They offer a refreshing alternative to traditional water sports, providing a thrilling yet safe experience that combines the benefits of both cycling and boating. As an emerging trend, waterbiking allows individuals to navigate bodies of water with ease, offering an exciting and eco-friendly recreational activity.

Chiliboats’ waterbikes are renowned for being the fastest on the market, reaching speeds of up to 10 mph (16 km/h). The company prides itself on the intelligent design of these bikes, which combines an aluminum frame’s strength and lightness. The result is a sturdy, lightweight waterbike that is easy to assemble in less than five minutes and fits conveniently in the trunk of most cars.

The bikes’ catamaran configuration ensures stability, making it nearly impossible for them to capsize. The aluminum parts are anodized and stainless steel components are used to provide total protection against corrosion, making them saltwater-resistant.

Chiliboats Waterbike Bikeboat Up Assembled
From packed to water-ready in less than five minutes – the quick and easy assembly of a Bikeboat.

Both the Bikeboat Up and Bikeboat Rec models have undergone six generations of improvements, culminating in a design that offers maximum performance. The skeg of the Bikeboat Rec and the front rudder of both models have been enlarged and given a hydrodynamic profile, enhancing the waterbikes’ performance and maneuverability.

The Bikeboat Rec, a recumbent version of the Bikeboat, is designed with an ergonomic seat for greater comfort and back support, making it suitable for long distances. The lower position of the user also reduces susceptibility to winds. The Bikeboat Up, on the other hand, is more akin to a conventional bike, appealing to those who prefer a traditional cycling posture.

Chiliboats Waterbike Bikeboat Up Lightweight
Effortlessly portable: The lightweight design of the Bikeboat makes transportation a breeze.

Chiliboats also offers the Tandem model, a double waterbike designed for two riders. These can be assembled with two Up models, two Rec models, or a combination of both. The Tandem model can accommodate up to 220 kg (485 lbs) and features 4.7m long floats.

Chiliboats ensure the durability of their waterbikes by using resistant anodized finish on the mainframe and stainless steel for the mechanical components. The inflatables, made from reinforced PVC fabric, offer resistance to extreme conditions, abrasion, and dimensional stability.

Chiliboats Waterbike Bikeboat Up Eco-Friendly
Pedaling in peace: The Bikeboat’s silent, eco-friendly design respects both nature and tranquility.

While it’s unlikely for the Bikeboat to get punctured, Chiliboats provide a repair kit with each purchase, ensuring easy fixes if required. Regular maintenance is straightforward and primarily involves a freshwater shower after each use. The oil in the crown and pinion transmission system, used in the propulsion system, needs to be changed every six months for daily users or annually for less frequent use.

Chiliboats’ waterbikes do not require any license to operate, similar to kayaks and Stand-Up Paddleboards. They are available in black structure with yellow and red floats. Riders ranging from children of 1.35m (4.4ft) height to adults of 1.98m (6.5ft) height can comfortably ride these bikes. The fully assembled Bikeboat dimensions are 381 cm (12’6″) in length and 127 cm (50″) in width. The gear ratio on the Bikeboat is fixed and calibrated to the propeller used, ensuring maximum thrust with minimal effort under normal pedaling conditions.

Chiliboats Waterbike Bikeboat Rec on Dock
Bikeboat Rec poised on the dock, ready for a comfortable and thrilling ride on the water.

The popularity of Chiliboats’ waterbikes has surged around the globe, with more than 200 locations worldwide now offering rentals. From Australia and Sweden to Egypt, Dubai, and various cities in Brazil, Chiliboats’ waterbikes are being used by entrepreneurs to create unique and profitable rental businesses. These businesses have been successful in attracting a wide range of customers due to the simplicity and thrill of riding a Bikeboat. Club, marina, hotel, resort, and inn owners have also found value in adding Bikeboats to their spaces, with some customers specifically seeking out these locations because of the availability of Chiliboats waterbikes.

Chiliboats Waterbike Bikeboat Rec Comfort Fun
The Bikeboat Rec, with its ergonomic seat, offers comfort for long-distance water adventures.

The combination of freedom of movement, low risk of injury, and the ability to explore any direction on bodies of water makes waterbiking an appealing choice for individuals of all ages. The waterbikes do not require balance, making them accessible even to those who cannot ride a terrestrial bike. The sensation of pedaling on water offers a unique experience with a minimal risk of injury, as the effort is continuous, damped, and without vibration. Chiliboats’ Bikeboats are versatile, suitable for use on various bodies of water including ponds, lakes, rivers, and even at sea (outside of the surf region).

The Bikeboat models, as listed on the UK version of the Chiliboats website, are priced at £2,580. And the Bikeboats are delivered worldwide via FedEx, generally within one week after pick-up.

Source: Chiliboats