Toroidal propellers: Radically quieter than traditional propellers in both air and water

Toroidal Propellers Sharrow Marine
Toroidal propellers are a noise-killing game changer in air and water. Images © Sharrow Marine

Propellers have long been the main propulsion mechanism for both aircraft and water vehicles. Everything from speedboats to airplanes to choppers has used propellers to take on and conquer both sea and sky.

And even though propellers are hugely popular, that doesn’t mean that they are completely without their drawbacks. In fact, one of the most common complaints about propellers is how loud they are. With toroidal propellers, all of that could change.

Propellers – an unchanged industry

Propellers as a propulsion mechanism have been around for much longer than most people realize, and they’ve remained largely unchanged. Over 2,000 years ago in China, children were making and playing with bamboo propellers that they launched into the sky with a spinning motion.

Screw-style propellers – which have been used for centuries – are still used on many boats today. And in terms of aircraft, the propellers used today still resemble the ones that the Wright brothers used for their famous flight over 100 years ago. So with all of the advances we’ve made in physics and engineering over the past few decades, some changes in propellers would be expected. Instead, the industry has remained rather stagnant.

Toroidal propellers

Sharrow Marine has designed a new kind of propeller called a toroidal propeller, which resembles intertwined loops instead of the traditional blade design. Because of their unique design, these propellers have been proven to be more efficient and much quieter than normal propellers.

Toroidal Propellers Efficiency Gain
The reported efficiency gain at mid-range RPMs is insane in the water.

These propellers have numerous benefits, including noticeably less vibration while powered on, increased handling and demand, a dramatic change in noise levels, 50% more reverse thrust, significant speed increase at mid-range RPMs, increased fuel efficiency, 30% greater range, and can keep planes at 500-1,000 lower RPM.

Plus, these Sharrow Marine toroidal propellers are perfect for both aircraft and water vehicles, and this particular model offers significant benefits for both — including less noise and dramatically increased efficiency.

Why are noiseless propellers so important?

While increasing efficiency is a huge plus, some people may wonder about the advantage of noiseless propellers. However, with drones and similar aircraft becoming more popular as options for food and product delivery, having a propeller design that causes less noise is a huge plus.

Toroidal Propellers Sharrow Marine Outboard Motor
Sharrow Marine’s toroidal propellers for a range of outboard motors.

Having noiseless propellers will help combat noise pollution, especially in more urban areas. Constant exposure to droning and industrial noises can actually lead to noise-induced hearing loss, so being able to find a less noisy alternative to propellers is key.

Pricing and availability

The Sharrow MX™ model toroidal propeller is available to the public for the purpose of connecting to a marine motor. The total cost is $4,999, while Sharrow Marine only requires $100 down for this model. After paying the reservation deposit, a representative will reach out to get more information about your boat, motor, propeller, and more.

Other models, including the Sharrow NX Inboard and CX-1 Duo Propeller, are available exclusively through the OEM Sharrow Propeller Boatbuilder Program.


In an industry that has remained relatively unchanged for over a century, Sharrow Marine’s toroidal propellers finally start to mix things up. Dramatically decreasing noise levels while increasing efficiency, toroidal propellers could revolutionize the whole industry.

Source: Sharrow Marine