Stan airbag backpack inflates to provide head and neck protection for cyclists

Stan Airbag Backpack Cyclist Protection
In&Motion says that the Stan airbag backpack deploys in 0.1 seconds, covering the cyclists' head, back, chest, and neck. Images © In&Motion

With the introduction of ebikes, scooters, and other fast two-wheeled modes of transportation in recent years, many safety concerns have arisen. While some riders wear helmets and other safety gear, others choose not to, which can be risky if the rider is involved in an accident.

An ingenious solution to this persistent safety issue was to create backpacks with built-in airbags. Cyclists can use these backpacks and be protected upon impact. In&Motion’s new Stan airbag backpack turns an average backpack into a fully-integrated airbag deployment system that’s capable of protecting cyclists’ heads.

More than just a backpack

One of In&Motion’s slogans regarding the new Stan airbag backpack is that it doesn’t require the user to choose between style and safety. The company prides itself on the backpack’s style and ease of use. The sleek, modern backpack allows room for the user to pack all of their essentials while still operating as a life-saving device.

The backpack itself is smart and connected, with the ability to detect an accident, deploy the airbag system, and call for help if necessary. With the My In&box mobile app, the system can make an emergency call and even give the GPS location. The Stan airbag backpack gives users something stylish, functional, and helpful.

Stan Airbag Backpack Commuter Pack
In&Motion looks to integrate its airbag tech into a simple and useful commuter pack.

Stan airbag backpack system

The Stan airbag backpack system deploys in less than a tenth of a second in the event of a fall, which is incredibly fast for an airbag backpack system. After being deployed, the airbag protects several vital areas that are most at risk during an accident, including the abdomen, thorax, spine, neck, and head. The Stan airbag backpack attempts to offer the user comprehensive coverage.

The product accomplishes this with its unique design, which wraps around the user’s head in a sort of inflatable helmet. The straps also inflate and come toward the center of the user’s body, protecting other vital areas. The Stan airbag backpack is one of the only ones that offers such comprehensive protection in the event of an accident.

Stan Airbag Backpack Fully Inflated
The Stan airbag backpack, fully inflated.

Why should you have an airbag backpack system?

More and more people are using two-wheeled transportation in urban areas. Whether on an ebike or a scooter, many people use these modes of transportation on their way to work. Unfortunately, cyclists are three times more likely to be involved in an accident than those riding in a car, and they’re 16 times more likely to be seriously injured while cycling. Having some form of protection as a cyclist is crucial to your safety.

Pricing and availability

Since In&Motion started promoting the Stan airbag backpack in late 2022, they’re still in the testing and development phase. Whether or not they’ll have development partners is still unclear, and since the product is still in its early days, no pricing information has become available yet. However, if you’re interested in learning more about the Stan airbag backpack, you can sign up for an email list on In&Motion’s website.


Stan Airbag Backpack Laptop
Sliding a laptop into the Stan airbag backpack.

Though the Stan airbag backpack is still in development, it has the potential to make waves in the industry. With a sleek, stylish design, incredible response time, comprehensive protection, and an app that can call for help, the Stan may be one of the best options for cyclists yet.

Source: In & Motion