Quirky triangle-wheeled bicycle gives new meaning to ‘Tricycle’

Triangle-Wheeled Bicycle The Q
Who said wheels have to be round? Images © The Q

In the sphere of bicycles, one element has remained consistent for over a century and a half: the circular wheel. Despite advancements in performance and material selection, the basic blueprint of a frame with two round wheels has endured. But, like all conventions, it too has been questioned and challenged. In recent times, engineer and content creator Sergii Gordieiev, widely known by his YouTube channel name ‘The Q’, has undertaken the task of reinventing the wheel – quite literally.

Last month, The Q revealed a custom-made bike with square wheels. Against all odds, this innovative creation was fully rideable, its tires acting as treads much like a military tank. Not one to rest on his laurels, Sergii took this challenge a step further. Inspired by his success with the square-wheeled bike, he embarked on a new project: creating a triangle-wheeled bicycle.

The concept, at first glance, seems impractical and presumably uncomfortable to ride. Yet, the innovative Ukrainian inventor turned this seemingly impossible idea into a functional reality. His new triangular-wheeled bike, unveiled in a comprehensive video tutorial on his YouTube channel, proves not just rideable but surprisingly comfortable, matching the smoothness of conventional round-wheeled bikes.

To achieve this, Sergii implemented some clever engineering techniques. He added subtle curvatures to each side of the triangular wheels and engineered a pair of articulating arms equipped with limiters. This design allows the center of each wheel to move up and down in a linear manner, minimizing vertical movements and ensuring a smooth ride for the cyclist. Thus, the triangular wheels can roll smoothly and are well-equipped to navigate uneven terrain, illustrating its versatility.

Triangle-Wheeled Bicycle The Q Curved Sides
Sergii incorporated slight curves to each side of the triangular wheels and engineered a pair of articulating arms fitted with limiters.

The innovative design of the bike is founded on an advanced suspension system crafted for supreme comfort. This system enables the triangular wheels to overcome their geometric limitations and roll as efficiently as their traditional counterparts. Sergii’s triangle-wheeled bicycle is a testament to his ability to bring unconventional yet functional inventions to life, primarily in the realm of bicycles.

With Sergii Gordieiev at the helm, there’s no predicting what exciting and unexpected innovations the future may hold. For now, his triangle-wheeled bike stands as a paragon of his innovative prowess, affirming his ability to transcend conventional design norms and develop truly unique and functional contrivances. Check out the video below to see the triangle-wheeled bicycle in action.

Source: The Q