Full-face helmet made for high-speed e-biking

The Beam Virgo Full-Face eBike Helmet
The Virgo eBike helmet is currently on Kickstarter. Images © The Beam

The Beam, a French startup, is carving a niche in the e-bike safety gear market with its latest creation, the Virgo full-face helmet. This innovative piece of safety gear is designed specifically for high-speed e-biking, taking into consideration the fact that modern e-bikes can easily reach speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h).

The Virgo e-bike helmet is currently being crowdfunded via a Kickstarter campaign. It’s distinguished from traditional bike helmets by its integrated chin guard, which adds a layer of protection without the bulkiness commonly associated with full-face downhill mountain bike helmets. As a result, the Virgo offers a sleeker, lighter alternative.

The helmet’s weight varies between 600 and 650 grams (approximately 21 to 23 oz), depending on the size, which is a remarkable feat considering its comprehensive coverage. Additional components like a flip-up removable polycarbonate visor and a detachable magnetic tail light are not included in the base weight. The visor is available in clear, smoke, and blue color options, and the tail light doubles as a brake light by sensing sudden drops in speed through an integrated accelerometer.

The Virgo goes beyond the conventional in other aspects as well, incorporating the advanced Mips system, which is designed to protect the brain from rotational force during impacts. It also features a durable polycarbonate shell and an EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam liner for enhanced safety and comfort. It complies with EN1078, NTA8776, and CPSC safety standards, marking its position as a premium helmet choice for e-bikers.

Virgo Full-Face eBike Helmet Air Vents
The helmet features nine vents, promoting optimal air circulation.

The Virgo full-face helmet can be secured with a Kickstarter pledge of €90 (approximately US$97). Backers can choose from three sizes and four color options, including black, white, blue, and beige. Once the campaign ends and the helmet reaches production, it’s expected to retail at $299.

To better understand the Virgo in action, interested individuals can view a demonstration video available on the Kickstarter campaign page. This visual representation highlights its sleek design and innovative features, providing an in-depth look at what sets the Virgo apart in the fast-growing e-biking market.

Virgo Full-Face eBike Helmet Tail Light
The Virgo’s removable tail light is equipped with a built-in accelerometer that detects braking.

Source: Kickstarter