Inventor builds security patrol mech robot, complete with fists and water cannons

Handy Geng Security Patrol Mech Robot
Handy Geng's ingenious one-of-a-kind security patrol mech robot, crafted from scrap metal, stands guard over his workshop. Images © Handy Geng

When Handy Geng, a creative inventor from China, faced the challenge of ensuring the security of his workshop while simultaneously considering the safety of his aging uncle, he found an innovative solution. Drawing on his knack for creating impressive builds from recyclable waste and scrap metal, he crafted a one-of-a-kind security patrol mech robot.

The unique mech robot isn’t just an impressive display of Handy’s skill and creativity. It’s a functional security solution specifically designed for his workshop. The machine moves on continuous steel-plated tracks powered by dual motors, giving it a robust and steady stance, a testament to Handy’s ingenious craftsmanship. The tracked wheel set allows the robot to move seamlessly around the premises, performing its patrol duties efficiently.

Equipped with two pneumatic fists, hidden within space rocket-launcher gauntlets, the robot is prepared to confront any potential intruders. These mechanical fists, combined with the two water cannons shaped like mini machine guns, make the mech a formidable deterrent for any would-be burglars.

Yet, Handy’s mech robot isn’t all brawn. Designed with care for his uncle in mind, it includes user-friendly features like built-in glasses cases and a walking cane holder. Rear-facing speakers add a touch of entertainment, while patrol lights enhance its functionality for evening work.

Handy Geng Mech Robot Fists Water Cannons
The security robot can throw punches with its pneumatic fists, and the water cannons sit above the mechanical arms.

The robot’s control station is designed for user comfort. The seat is attached to its metal frame, cocooning the operator’s back, preventing discomfort or accidental tipping. Additionally, the control station is smartly concealed within the robot’s body. Two levers allow the mech to move forward and backward and navigate turns with ease.

Furthermore, Handy implemented a 360-degree spin function. This feature enhances the mech’s surveillance capabilities, offering a comprehensive view of the surroundings at the click of a button. The unpainted robot sports a raw, industrial aesthetic with LED lights fitted for night patrolling, creating a visually striking contrast and enhancing the mech’s operational hours.

Handy Geng Security Robot LED Lights Night Patrol
The round, ultra-luminous LED lights make it easier to patrol at night.

Handy Geng’s security patrol mech robot, crafted entirely by hand, is a testament to how innovation can provide practical solutions to personal challenges. It demonstrates how thinking outside the box can transform everyday waste and scrap materials into a functional and efficient security system. In solving his own problem, Handy Geng has crafted an impressive mech that’s sure to deter any threats to his workshop, all while making the security experience enjoyable for his uncle.

Check out the video below for the detailed construction/assembly, and to see the security mech robot in action.

Source: Handy Geng