Pilot your own transforming Archax mecha robot

Transforming Archax Mecha Robot
The Archax mecha robot, seamlessly transforming from humanoid to vehicle, offers an unparalleled piloting experience. Images courtesy Tsubame Industries

In the ever-evolving world of robotics, Japan has once again stepped into the limelight with its latest creation, the Archax mecha robot. This innovative robot, reminiscent of the Gundam-style mecha from Japanese science fiction, offers a unique combination of humanoid and vehicle features, embodying the fantasy of piloting a giant robot.

Gundam, a popular Japanese media franchise, has long captivated audiences with its portrayal of colossal mecha robots controlled by onboard pilots. These fictional robots have been a staple in anime movies and manga comics. In recent years, several groups have endeavored to bring these fantastical machines to life, leading to the development of the Archax by Tokyo-based startup Tsubame Industries.

The Archax stands out with its ability to transform between a humanoid robot and a four-wheeled vehicle. The pilot operates the robot from a central cockpit, accessed via a ladder and situated beneath the robot’s head, nestled between its two arms. The cockpit is equipped with four video screens, providing live feeds from cameras positioned around the robot. These screens also display vital data like speed, tilt angle, and battery life, keeping the pilot fully informed.

Control of the Archax is achieved through a touchscreen interface, complemented by armrest-integrated joysticks and foot pedals. The joysticks allow individual manipulation of each arm, which can bend at the shoulder and elbow. Moreover, the hands are capable of intricate movements, with swiveling wrists and independently operable fingers. The head and torso of the Archax also feature swiveling capabilities, enhancing its range of motion.

Transforming Archax Mecha Robot Cockpit
A peek inside the Archax’s cockpit.

In vehicle mode, the Archax’s transformation is quite a spectacle. The front legs extend forward and the rear legs retract, providing a stable, lower stance. To accommodate this change, the cockpit tilts approximately 17 degrees. The robot then propels itself at speeds up to 10 km/h (6.2 mph), with motorized rear wheels and front wheels for steering. Details about the battery range remain undisclosed.

Transforming Archax Mecha Robot View Screens
The Archax’s cockpit features four screens providing panoramic views and vital data.

From a technical standpoint, the Archax is a marvel. Weighing 3.5 tons (3.2 tonnes) and standing 4.5 meters tall (14.8 ft) in robot mode, its structure comprises welded aluminum alloy plates and iron tubing, shrouded in fiberglass-reinforced plastic panels finished with automotive paint. This construction not only ensures durability but also gives the Archax its futuristic aesthetic.

Transforming Archax Mecha Robot Getting inside the Cockpit
Getting inside the Archax mecha robot.

While the Archax may have practical applications, it is primarily designed as a luxury item for affluent enthusiasts. Tsubame Industries has initiated preorders in Japan, with a staggering price tag of 400 million yen (approximately US$2.7 million). This cost reflects the intricate engineering and craftsmanship involved in creating such a complex machine.

The production plan for the Archax is currently limited to an initial batch of five robots, with a build time ranging from 12 to 18 months. Depending on the market response, Tsubame Industries may consider mass production.

Transforming Archax Mecha Robot Vehicle Mode
The Archax in vehicle mode.

In conclusion, the Archax mecha robot represents a significant achievement in robotics and engineering, bringing the fantasy of piloting a giant robot closer to reality. Its impressive features, transformative abilities, and hefty price tag place it in a league of its own, appealing to a niche market of robotics enthusiasts and collectors. As technology continues to advance, the Archax may pave the way for more such innovations, blurring the lines between science fiction and reality.

Transforming Archax Mecha Robot Mode
The Archax in robot mode.

Source: Tsubame Industries