Yakbike cargo e-trike has no chain or belt – features an electronic drivetrain

Yakbike Cargo e-Trike Electronic Drivetrain
Yakbike's electronic drivetrain replaces traditional chains and belts, enabling a flat-fronted cargo bed and enhanced stability.

In the ever-expanding universe of green transport solutions, cargo e-trikes are steadily claiming their space as a sustainable and efficient alternative to conventional delivery vans. However, one of the inherent limitations of these three-wheelers has been the chain-drive drivetrain, which often restricts their design and functionality. Enter the Yakbike, a groundbreaking cargo e-trike with an electronic drivetrain, engineered by Swiss mobility company Shematic.

Drivetrain reimagined

The Yakbike fundamentally deviates from traditional e-trike designs by dispensing with the need for a chain or belt. Unlike typical models where the chain-drive limits the layout, the Yakbike places its crankset directly in line with its flat-fronted cargo bed. This innovative design becomes possible because of its stepless electronic drivetrain. When the rider pedals, it turns a generator, which then charges the battery, ultimately powering two 250-watt rear hub motors.

Stability and maneuverability

Another distinct feature of this e-trike is its unique front-end design that leans into corners for enhanced stability, while the rear end stays upright. Achieving this would have been complex with a traditional chain or belt-drive system.

Power and range

The two rear hub motors generate 170 Nm (125 lb ft) of torque each and can propel the Yakbike to a top electric-assisted speed of 25 km/h (16 mph). The trike comes with a standard single 2.6-kWh lithium-ion battery that provides a range of 80 km (50 miles). An optional second battery can extend this range to 150 km (93 miles). To further optimize battery life, the Yakbike is equipped with a regenerative braking system.

Yakbike e-Trike Cargo Modules
Various cargo modules can be attached to the Yakbike for specialized hauling needs.

Additional features

For enhanced safety and ease of use, the Yakbike comes loaded with hydraulic disc brakes, a full LED lighting system complete with turn indicators, an electronic differential, and a throttle mode that aids in pushing the trike or when starting up from stops. The trike weighs approximately 70 kg (154 lb) and can accommodate a maximum payload—both rider and cargo—of 350 kg (772 lb).


Starting at 12,900 Swiss francs (approximately US$14,645), the base model of the Yakbike offers pickup-truck-like functionality. Buyers can also choose from various optional rear cargo modules, such as a large Yakbox delivery box, a trash bin, an organic waste bin, and a pallet carrier.

Yakbike Cargo e-Trike Optional Add-Ons
Optional Yakbike add-ons include a variety of rear cargo modules like the Yakbox delivery box, trash bin, organic waste bin, and pallet carrier for customizable transport solutions.

In summary, the Yakbike addresses some fundamental design and functional limitations found in traditional cargo e-trikes. Its innovative electronic drivetrain not only eliminates the need for a chain but also paves the way for more adaptable and stable trike designs. The Yakbike may indeed be setting a new standard in the world of cargo e-trikes.

Source: Yakbike