Ultralight carbon fiber electric boat travels atop your car roof to the waterside

Kaebon EB Eins Electric Boat Battery Power
The EB Eins boasts sufficient battery capacity for 45 minutes of high-intensity motoring or an impressive 10 hours of leisurely cruising. Images © Kaebon

Introducing the Kaebon EB Eins, a carbon fiber electric boat that is revolutionizing the boating industry with its lightweight design and eco-friendly features. The EB Eins glides effortlessly through the water, providing a silent and enjoyable boating experience with minimal environmental impact. Its unique construction allows for easy transportation on a car roof, eliminating the need for a trailer or boat slip and promoting a more convenient and sustainable boating experience.

Kaebon was founded in Munich, Germany, in 2021 by Kai Krause with the mission to create the lightest motorboats in the world while promoting a cleaner and more sustainable form of boating. Krause wanted to provide an enjoyable power boating experience that doesn’t compromise on pleasure while preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings.

The Kaebon EB Eins takes inspiration from the lightweighting achievements of the aerospace and high-performance automotive industries. The boat’s construction utilizes vacuum-tempered foam-core prepeg carbon fiber, a material known for its low weight, strength, and durability. This choice of material makes the EB Eins a lightweight yet robust vessel, perfect for efficient and sustainable boating.

The hull of the EB Eins features a dramatic wedge-like shape, complete with a wave-piercing bow and long waterlines. This design allows for efficient propulsion, even with a smaller powertrain. Kaebon offers two Torqeedo e-drive options for the boat: the Cruise 6.0 premium drive, comparable to a 9.9-hp gas engine, and the Cruise 12.0 performance drive, equivalent to a 25-hp engine. These power options provide enough thrust for a pleasurable boating experience while maintaining the sustainable and eco-friendly nature of the EB Eins.

Kaebon EB Eins Electric Boat Car Rooftop Transport
Kaebon says that the EB Eins is exceptionally lightweight, allowing it to be transported on the roof of a car or SUV with ease.

Kaebon’s dedication to weight optimization can be seen in every aspect of the EB Eins’ design. For instance, traditional metal cleats have been replaced with lightweight textile loops, offering the same functionality with significantly less weight. This commitment to reducing weight ensures that the EB Eins remains as light and efficient as possible.

The result of Kaebon’s meticulous design is a 17.2-foot (5.3-m) e-boat with a base curb weight of just 196 lb (89 kg). This lightweight construction allows the boat to be transported on the roof of a vehicle, making it easy to take the EB Eins to and from the water without the need for a trailer. This feature not only increases convenience but also contributes to a more sustainable boating experience by reducing the resources required for transportation.

Kaebon EB Eins Electric Boat Dimensions
The EB Eins is 17.2 feet long and 5.6 feet wide.

When not in use, the EB Eins can be easily stored in a garage or backyard, eliminating the need for specialized boat storage solutions. This space-saving feature is just another example of how Kaebon’s innovative design makes boating more accessible and eco-friendly for everyone.

Kaebon has not published an estimated top speed for the EB Eins, but the company has stated that the boat’s battery power will last for up to 45 minutes at full performance and up to 10 hours when cruising slowly. The standard charger takes the battery from 0 to 100 percent in 10 hours, while an available quick charger can achieve the same result in under two hours. This flexibility in charging options ensures that the EB Eins is always ready for a day out on the water.

Kaebon EB Eins Electric Boat Weight Capacity
With a starting weight of under 200 lb, the Kaebon can accommodate up to 1,080 lb of passengers and equipment combined.

The Kaebon EB Eins made its debut at the Düsseldorf Boat Show earlier this year and is now available for purchase. Prices start at €59,900 (approx. US$65,400) for the Torqeedo Cruise 6.0-powered model and €74,900 ($81,775) for the Torqeedo Cruise 12.0 version. This price range offers potential buyers a choice between a more affordable option and a higher-performance model, catering to various needs and preferences.

In conclusion, the Kaebon EB Eins represents a significant advancement in sustainable boating. Its lightweight carbon fiber construction, efficient propulsion system, and rooftop transportability offer an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional power boating. The EB Eins demonstrates that cutting-edge design and engineering can create a cleaner and more enjoyable boating experience for all, without compromising on performance or style.

Kaebon EB Eins Electric Boat On Water
Navigating the waters aboard the Kaebon EB Eins.

Source: Kaebon (German)