Electric inflatable trimarans for a day of fun on the water

Portless Inflatable Electric Trimaran DeLuxe II
The Portless Deluxe II offers spacious, eco-friendly boating with advanced electric propulsion for up to 10 passengers, ideal for group outings on the water. Images courtesy Portless

The Portless series introduces a range of electric inflatable trimarans designed to enhance maritime leisure activities. These boats, which prioritize environmental friendliness and accessibility, offer a fun and engaging way to explore water environments.

Equipped with electric motors for quiet and efficient propulsion, and inflatable trimaran hulls for increased stability, these models are designed to be user-friendly, making water-based activities enjoyable for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether it’s for leisurely cruises or lively gatherings on the water, the Portless series delivers an enjoyable boating experience.

Design and technology

Central to the Portless series is the inflatable trimaran hull, known for its stability and lightweight properties. This design choice not only enhances the safety and comfort of the vessels but also ensures that they require less power to achieve considerable speed on water. Furthermore, the use of Drop Stitch technology in the construction of these boats allows for a robust, dual-floor design that expands usable space without compromising the craft’s integrity.

Each model in the Portless series is equipped with the Epropulsion system, which includes quiet, efficient motors and a LI-FE-PO battery. This setup can be supplemented with solar power to extend the vessel’s range, highlighting the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Additionally, all models comply with EU regulations, bearing CE and IMCI certificates, ensuring that they meet safety and environmental standards.

Portless Inflatable Electric Trimaran Trinity
The Portless Trinity, designed for up to 6 passengers, offers easy transportability and a stable, efficient ride for family-friendly water adventures.
Portless Inflatable Electric Trimaran Trinity
The Portless Trinity.

Model-specific features and configurations

  1. Portless Deluxe II: Designed for up to 10 people, the Deluxe II features 21+12 square meters of usable space, including a flexible solar panel. The trimaran hull provides unmatched stability, and its concealed engine enhances safety. With a range of up to 50 km, this model starts at 21,706 euros (approx. US$23,273). It can be equipped with various engine options, from a basic 1kw motor to a more powerful dual 6kw setup, suitable for high-speed and towing needs.
  2. Portless Trinity: This smaller model is ideal for families, carrying up to 6 people and offering 9+3 square meters of deck space. It’s compact enough to be transported by car and starts at 8,959 euros (approx. US$9,606). Like the Deluxe II, it features the Epropulsion system but is tailored for optimal performance at a cruising speed of 8 km/h, making it perfect for relaxed explorations.
  3. Portless Dinghy: The Dinghy is the most compact in the lineup, designed to carry up to 4 people and transportable by two individuals when deflated. It offers up to 15 km of range and is particularly noted for its stability and easy maneuverability. Starting at 5,340 euros (approx. US$5,726), it’s an affordable option for those seeking a small, portable, and stable boat.
  4. Portless Island: This model serves as an extension platform that can be integrated with yachts, sailboats, or regular boats. Available in multiple sizes and with various options for customization, including engine cutouts and EVA pad coverings, the Island is designed to enhance the utility of existing vessels.
Portless Inflatable Electric Trimaran Dinghy
The Portless Dinghy accommodates up to 4 passengers, offering a compact and stable platform for accessible and enjoyable water excursions.
Portless Inflatable Electric Trimaran Dinghy
The Portless Dinghy.

Safety and comfort

Safety and comfort are paramount in the design of the Portless series. Clear decks ensure that moving around is safe for children and individuals with disabilities. Built-in benches, beds, and a well-equipped steering console add to the comfort, allowing for extended periods of enjoyment on the water.

Propulsion and power options

The propulsion systems in Portless boats are configured to match the design and size of each model. From the basic 1kw motor in the Dinghy and Trinity to the dual 6kw engines in the Deluxe II, these boats are designed to cater to a range of performance requirements. Battery options vary as well, with capacities ranging from 40ah in the base models to 160ah in higher-end configurations, ensuring that there is a setup suitable for every need.

Portless Inflatable Electric Trimaran Island
The Portless Island enhances any vessel with customizable sizes and features, providing extra deck space for leisure and entertainment on the water.


The Portless electric inflatable trimaran series stands out for its innovative approach to boat design and propulsion, offering a range of options that cater to different sizes, needs, and budgets. Whether it’s a large party of 10 aboard the Deluxe II or a family outing in the Trinity, these boats provide a stable, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to enjoy water activities.

Portless Inflatable Electric Trimaran All Models and Island
Explore the Portless range: DeLuxe II, Trinity, Dinghy, and Island, each designed for distinct boating experiences, from group outings to solo adventures.

With prices starting at 5,340 euros for the compact Dinghy and reaching up to 21,706 euros for the fully-equipped Deluxe II, the Portless series offers a modern solution for eco-conscious maritime enthusiasts seeking comfort, performance, and sustainability on the water.