Enhancing water rescue operations with the TY-3R flying lifebuoy drone

Water Rescue Drone TY-3R Flying Lifebuoy
The TY-3R flies out to swimmers, serves as a lifebuoy on water, and takes off again when no longer needed. Images courtesy Didiok Makings

The TY-3R Flying Lifebuoy drone, developed by Chinese company Didiok Makings, introduces a highly effective solution for water rescue operations. This innovative device combines the functionality of a quadcopter and a lifebuoy, designed to swiftly deliver flotation assistance to swimmers in distress.

Dual functionality for effective rescues

The TY-3R is engineered to address critical situations in aquatic environments where time is of the essence. Utilizing its quadcopter capabilities, the drone can be deployed quickly by a shore-based rescuer using a joystick remote control. This allows the drone to reach a distressed swimmer up to a kilometer away, significantly faster than traditional methods. Upon reaching the swimmer, the drone lands on the water and serves as a flotation device until further help can arrive.

Advanced design and specifications

The drone is equipped with a tilt-able 720p camera, providing the pilot with real-time visuals during flight. This feature ensures accurate delivery to the person in need. Its ability to take off from and land back on water after the rescue mission is a testament to its practical design, tailored for repetitive use in rescue scenarios.

In terms of specifications, the TY-3R has a robust frame measuring 935 x 935 x 121 mm, ensuring stability and ample surface area for flotation. It weighs under 5 kg, making it lightweight yet capable of floating two adults. The device operates on a 22.2V / 7Ah Li-ion battery, allowing for over 10 minutes of runtime, and it can achieve speeds up to 47 km/h (29 mph). Its remote communication capabilities extend over 1.1 km, with a maximum operational altitude of 4200 meters.

Water Rescue Drone TY-3R Flying Lifebuoy Weight
Crafted for robustness and portability, the TY-3R weighs less than 5 kg.

Safety and environmental features

Addressing safety, the drone’s motors automatically shut off upon water landing to protect swimmers from potential injuries. Additional safety measures include screens over the propellers to prevent accidents involving swimmers’ fingers or other appendages. The TY-3R is fully IP68 waterproof, meaning it can withstand submersion up to a depth of 1.5 meters for up to an hour.

Performance in diverse conditions

The drone’s design allows it to operate effectively in various environmental conditions. It can withstand winds up to force 6 and can operate in sea states up to force 2, making it reliable in most weather conditions encountered during rescue operations. The temperature range for operation is from -10˚C to 55˚C, allowing deployment in diverse climates.

Practical applications and accessibility

This drone is not only an asset for coast guards and rescue organizations but also for private entities and individuals who require a reliable safety mechanism in water-centric activities. Its easy-to-use interface, with one-touch takeoff and return functions, ensures that even those with minimal training can operate it effectively during emergencies.

Water Rescue Drone TY-3R Flying Lifebuoy Case
If radio contact is lost, the TY-3R is programmed to autonomously return to its operator.

Pricing and availability

The TY-3R Flying Lifebuoy drone is available for purchase directly through the Didiok Makings website, with a price tag of US$11,803. While the cost may be significant, the value it provides in enhancing the safety and efficiency of water rescue operations justifies the investment, particularly for organizations dedicated to saving lives in aquatic environments.


The TY-3R Flying Lifebuoy drone is a remarkable advancement in water rescue technology. By combining rapid deployment capabilities, substantial flotation support, and high safety standards, the drone significantly improves the chances of successful rescues. Its robust design and versatility in various environmental conditions make it an indispensable tool for any water rescue operation, ensuring quick response times and increased safety for individuals in distress.

Water Rescue Drone TY-3R Flying Lifebuoy Joystick Remote
Equipped with a 5-inch screen, the joystick remote for the TY-3R offers live camera views and real-time power status for enhanced control during water rescues.

Source: Didiok Makings