GoBoat unveils Gen 2.0 inflatable motorized craft

Inflatable Motorized GoBoat 2.0 PWC
It is reported that the GoBoat 2.0 offers enhanced stability, performance, and ease of packing, marking a significant upgrade from its predecessor. Images © GoBoat

Building upon its inventive, portable boating solution, GoBoat has revealed the new and enhanced Gen 2.0 personal water craft (PWC). Since its inception in 2016, GoBoat has been known for its unique inflatable boat, featuring a massive ring-shaped inflatable design. Following its debut model, GoBoat’s latest offering provides a sleeker, more versatile design, with an array of size and color options.

Originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign, GoBoat has reimagined personal water transportation with the Gen 2.0 PWC. This cutting-edge model merges the advantages of a paddle-board, kayak, and a powered boat. Touted as “extremely stable and rigid,” it employs proprietary AirCore composite construction.

This innovative design incorporates three separate air chambers to boost safety and ensure structural integrity. With its circular design, the Gen 2.0 smoothly navigates around obstacles — perfect for friendly bouts of ‘dodgems’ with other GoBoaters.

Weighing in at 57 lb (25.8 kg), the GoBoat 2.0 is remarkably portable. It can be deflated and packed into a carry bag or fit into the trunk of a sedan. Between aquatic adventures, this compact boat can be conveniently stashed away in a closet. To facilitate transportation, grab handles have been strategically positioned around the inflatable’s edge.

Inflatable Motorized GoBoat 2.0 Non-slip Upper Surface
The upper surface, designed with a non-slip finish, accommodates storage bungees and slot rails for convenient accessory attachment.

Additionally, the package comes with detachable inflatable seating that attaches to the non-slip foam deck. With storage bungees, slot rails for accessories, and an overall streamlined design, the GoBoat 2.0 offers the complete package for outdoor enthusiasts.

Under the hood, the Gen 2.0 PWC is powered by a 35-lb (15.8-kg) five-speed electric trolling motor, which can reach cruising speeds of up to 5 mph (8 km/h). For added safety, an auto shutoff mechanism is linked to a lanyard. The aluminum transom can house two U1 batteries (not included in the package), allowing for hours of freshwater or saltwater boating fun on a single charge.

Inflatable Motorized GoBoat 2.0 PWC Dodgems
Engaging in a lively game of dodgems on the GoBoat 2.0 – a fun twist on personal watercraft adventures!

GoBoat offers the adult version of the Gen 2.0, which measures 70-inches (177.8-cm) in diameter, at a starting price of US$1,076, currently discounted to $753 due to a promotional offer. For kids or small adults, a Mini variant with a diameter of 55 inches (139.7 cm) is available for $683, discounted to $478 on promotion. All models are available for pre-order, with shipping set to begin from June 5.

Inflatable Motorized GoBoat 2.0 PWC Electric Trolling Motor
While the GoBoat 2.0 comes equipped with an electric trolling motor, buyers will need to procure U1 batteries independently.
Inflatable Motorized GoBoat 2.0 PWC Portable
Tipping the scales at 57 lb, exclusive of the trolling motor and batteries, the GoBoat 2.0 offers the convenience of deflation for easy transportation and storage.

Source: GoBoat