Munro Vehicles debuts its second electric 4×4: The MK 1 Pick-Up

Munro Electric 4x4 MK 1 Pick-Up
The showcased Performance MK 1 Pick-Up boasts a 280-kW motor with 700 Nm of torque and a fast-charge battery supporting up to 16 hours of off-road use. Images © Munro Vehicles

Following the successful introduction of a durable electric 4×4 truck last year, the Scottish start-up Munro Vehicles continues to make strides in the automotive sector, recently announcing its second model. Billed as an “ultra-capable, ultra-utilitarian” square-shaped pickup, the new model is already drawing attention with more than 200 confirmed orders.

Russell Peterson, co-founder and CEO of Munro Vehicles, stated that their company aims to fill the significant gap in the market for an electric-powered, four-wheel-drive, utilitarian workhorse. “Our vehicles are designed and engineered without compromise from clean sheet principles unimpeded by any existing architecture. The result is a rugged construction created for decades of service delivering ultimate, go-anywhere, off-road ability,” said Peterson.

The MK 1 Pick-Up shares a great deal in common with the MK 1 Truck, the company’s debut model from last year. Both vehicles are designed for long-term durability, with a predicted lifespan of at least 50 years. The MK 1 Pick-Up, like its predecessor, is available in Utility, Range, and Performance variants.

The Performance variant made its debut at the Fully Charged Live North show. Showcased in a vivid yellow finish, the vehicle is equipped with a 280-kW (375-hp) motor, offering 700 Nm (516 lb.ft) of torque. It features a full-time 4×4 mechanical drivetrain, enabling all-terrain, all-weather driving. Additionally, it can accelerate to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and is powered by an 82.4-kWh battery, offering a range of more than 300 km (190 miles) per charge.

Munro Electric 4x4 MK 1 Pick-Up and Truck
MK 1 Truck (Left), MK 1 Pick-Up (Right)

As Scotland’s sole volume-production car company, Munro has shown that its electric off-roaders can motor along for up to 16 hours before requiring a charge. To recharge, a 100-kW DC charger can replenish the battery from 15% to 80% capacity in a swift 36 minutes.

The MK 1 Pick-Up features an easy-load rear bed designed to carry a 1,050-kg (2,315-lb) Euro Pallet payload, slightly more than the Truck. Furthermore, the Performance variant has a maximum braked towing capacity of 3,500 kg (7,716 lb).

Given the over 200 orders Munro has already received for the Pick-Up, the company’s order book for both the Truck and Pick-Up models is full for the next two years. This impressive demand has led Munro to search for larger manufacturing facilities in Scotland to meet customer needs.

Munro Electric 4x4 MK 1 Pick-Up Payload Capacity
The rear cargo bed has the capacity to hold a Euro Pallet weighing up to 1,050 kg.

The MK 1 Pick-Up starts at £49,995 (slightly over US$62k), excluding taxes. The first customer deliveries are expected to take place later this year, reinforcing Munro’s commitment to revolutionizing the electric vehicle sector.

Source: Munro