Morgan’s electric vision: The XP-1 three-wheeler prototype

Morgan XP-1 Three-wheeler Prototype
Morgan's XP-1 prototype is designed to merge the classic driving feel of their sports cars with new electric vehicle technology. Images courtesy Morgan Motor

In a significant move towards electrification, Morgan, the renowned British sports car manufacturer, has unveiled the XP-1, an electric three-wheel roadster prototype. This vehicle represents a crucial step in the company’s journey into electric vehicle (EV) technology, serving as a test bed for future electric sports cars. The XP-1 is not Morgan’s first foray into the electric realm; the company previously introduced the Plus E in 2012 and the EV3 roadster in 2015. However, the XP-1 marks a significant advancement in their electric vehicle ambitions.

The XP-1 is built on the monocoque chassis of Morgan’s Super 3, which recently debuted in the United States. This innovative prototype combines the classic Morgan design with modern electric propulsion, showcasing a unique blend of tradition and future tech.

The vehicle is equipped with a 100-kW motor, housed in the central tunnel, capable of generating a robust 340 Nm (250 lb.ft) of torque. Its 33-kWh battery is estimated to offer a cruising range of approximately 150 miles (240 km) per charge. Additionally, the XP-1 supports fast-charging via its CCS-enabled system and offers the convenience of bi-directional charging.

One of the standout features of the XP-1 is its external battery status indicator, located around the front cowl. This is a novel addition for Morgan, indicative of the company’s commitment to integrating modern technology with its signature design elements. The prototype also introduces an electronic parking brake – another first for Morgan – and boasts a redesigned front end that reduces drag by 33%, enhancing range and efficiency.

Morgan XP-1 Three-wheeler Prototype Test Bed
The XP-1 serves as a dynamic platform for testing and shaping the future electric models of Morgan.

The vehicle’s central digital display, currently in a preliminary phase, offers insights into key metrics like remaining charge, estimated range, speed, and sensor data. While still in the developmental stage, this feature underscores Morgan’s focus on integrating advanced technology into its vehicles.

The development of the XP-1 has been ongoing for the past year, and the company plans to continue refining it over the next 18 to 24 months. While the XP-1 itself is not slated for production, it plays a crucial role as a rolling laboratory for electrification development and as a training platform for Morgan’s workforce.

Morgan XP-1 Three-wheeler Prototype Inspiration
The XP-1 prototype is constructed using the monocoque chassis from the Super 3, a petrol-powered three-wheel roadster.

Matt Hole, the Chief Technology Officer at Morgan, emphasized the importance of the XP-1 in the company’s transition to electric vehicles. “As we embark on our electric journey, this prototype will become a focal point of the engineering and design process, providing a wealth of insight and helping to build up our in-house EV capability,” he stated. Hole reassured that future electric Morgan sports cars will retain the core appeal of their current range, focusing on the driving experience, lightweight design, handcrafted quality, and bespoke options.

Morgan XP-1 Three-wheeler Prototype Front
The front end has been redesigned for improved aerodynamic efficiency.

The company has not yet released pricing information for any upcoming electric models, including those based on the XP-1 prototype. This is likely due to the ongoing development and testing phase, which will influence final specifications and costs.

The Morgan XP-1 three-wheeler prototype represents a blend of the company’s rich heritage and its commitment to future technologies. With its impressive features and innovative design, the XP-1 is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of electric sports cars at Morgan.

Morgan XP-1 Three-wheeler Experimental Prototype
The XP-1 prototype is set for comprehensive testing and continued development over the coming two years.
Morgan XP-1 Three-wheeler Prototype Digital Dash
A bespoke interior display, which will continually evolve, allows for UI experimentation.

Source: Morgan Motor