Fineday 3.0 Bluetooth keyboard revives the iconic typewriter experience

Fineday 3.0 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard
The Fineday 3.0 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard is currently on Kickstarter. Images © Fineday

Embracing the nostalgic sound and feel of the old-school electric typewriters, the Korean-made Fineday 3.0 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard is bringing back the delightful “clickety-clack” of yesteryears. The keyboard, which is currently the focus of a Kickstarter campaign, is constructed entirely out of anodized 6063 aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and resilience.

The Fineday 3.0 keyboard is designed for flexible usage and can be paired via Bluetooth 5.0 with a variety of devices including Windows or Mac computers, and iOS or Android tablets or smartphones. If users prefer, there’s even a built-in slot to prop up mobile devices in a similar fashion to how paper would be placed in a traditional typewriter. The keyboard also offers a wired connection option for those who do not wish to go wireless.

The Bluetooth-powered device relies on two AA batteries as a power source. As of yet, there’s no official information regarding battery life. The design of the keyboard itself stands out due to its durability-focused features. Both the body of the Fineday 3.0 and the faces of its keys are constructed from the same durable aluminum. Unlike regular keyboards, the characters on the Fineday keys are engraved into the material, reducing the chances of them fading away with frequent use.

Each key on the Fineday 3.0 houses a German-made Cherry MX Blue keyswitch that provides the satisfying mechanical typing feel. Furthermore, these keys are backlit by LEDs, and the brightness of these LEDs can be adjusted via a paper-roller-like knob on the left of the keyboard.

Fineday 3.0 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Color Options
The Fineday 3.0 is available in a choice of three colors.

Along with a traditional set of keys, the Fineday 3.0 keyboard features several unique additions. A right-hand paper-roller-like knob adjusts the volume of the paired device, while a carriage-return lever acts as a secondary enter/return key.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful and the Fineday 3.0 reaches production, early supporters can get their hands on this retro-cool keyboard for a pledge of US$655. This premium product comes in three distinct color options: black, navy, or dark green. Once it hits retail, the expected price will be around $1,100.

Fineday 3.0 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Keys
Every key on the Fineday keyboard incorporates a German-engineered Cherry MX Blue keyswitch, each illuminated by its own LED backlight.

The Fineday 3.0 is not just a keyboard, it’s a modern take on nostalgia, combining retro design elements with advanced technology. You can see and hear the keyboard in action, in a video on the Kickstarter campaign page.

Fineday 3.0 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Weight
The Fineday keyboard is claimed to tip the scales at 3.9 lbs.

Source: Kickstarter