The LG StanbyME Go is a bizarre TV in a briefcase

LG StanbyME Go TV in Suitcase
The LG StanbyME Go serves as the center of entertainment during a tailgating event, providing a 27-inch screen with a three-hour battery life for outdoor viewing. Images © LG Electronics

In a digital age where portability often reigns supreme, electronics companies are continually pushing the boundaries. LG’s latest innovation, the StanbyME Go, takes an unconventional route by merging the worlds of tablets and TVs. This unique device has drawn attention for its perplexing nature: it’s neither strictly a TV nor a tablet but exists somewhere in between.

What exactly is the StanbyME Go?

The StanbyME Go is essentially a 27-inch 1080p tablet enveloped in a hard, protective suitcase-like shell. It’s designed for those who have a penchant for large screens, even on the go. From spontaneous presentations to binge-watching, this device seems equipped for varied uses. Despite its intention for portability, the device weighs a substantial 12.7 kg, making the term “easily transportable” subject to interpretation.

Tablet or TV? Or both?

This intriguing gadget hosts touchscreen controls, seemingly alluding to its tablet-like features. However, it also runs on LG’s webOS platform, typically found in LG’s television sets, and comes with a remote control. The inclusion of an HDMI port further blurs the line between a TV and a tablet.

Usability features

The StanbyME Go isn’t just a static screen in a box. It has a retractable stand that allows the screen to extend out of its protective case. Users can swivel, tilt, and rotate the screen for use in landscape or portrait mode. Moreover, it can be laid flat, enabling it to serve as a giant chessboard or even a virtual turntable, according to LG’s promotional imagery.

LG StanbyME Go TV in Suitcase
The LG StanbyME Go’s screen can swivel, tilt, and rotate for flexible viewing.

Battery and connectivity

One of the standout features of the StanbyME Go is its built-in battery that offers up to three hours of screen time. This makes it possible to use it for outdoor events like picnics or tailgating. As for audio, it comes with built-in four-channel, 20-watt Dolby Atmos speakers. The device also supports AirPlay, screen mirroring for iOS and Android devices, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. If you’re away from a stable Wi-Fi connection, you’ll likely be relying on a mobile hotspot to keep the entertainment going.


The StanbyME Go has its fair share of limitations. For instance, it lacks a built-in camera, making it less than ideal for video calling unless one is willing to mirror a smaller device like a smartphone. Also, while the device has an outdoor picture mode to enhance visibility in direct sunlight, this feature is likely to drain the battery even faster than usual.

LG StanbyME Go TV in Suitcase Poolside
Why settle for a poolside Bluetooth speaker when you can have a $1,000 TV encased in a suitcase?

Additional features

For those who crave ambiance, LG has included eight pre-set themes, ranging from the cozy crackling sounds of a fireplace to a tranquil beach scene. Furthermore, the device can be controlled not just via its touchscreen but also through an included remote or voice commands.

Price and availability

For those interested in acquiring this peculiar gadget, the LG StanbyME Go is currently retailing for $999.99 and is available for pre-order. The devices are expected to ship by mid-October 2023. Presently, the StanbyME Go is exclusively available through LG’s U.S. online store, but its global availability could be on the horizon.

LG StanbyME Go TV in Suitcase Lay it Flat
The screen of the LG StanbyME Go can even be laid flat for use as a giant chessboard or virtual turntable.

Final thoughts

While most might find LG’s standard OLED TVs far more practical and less ambiguous in their purpose, the StanbyME Go caters to a very particular niche. It’s certainly not a device for everyone, but for those who have specific needs—or simply the desire to own something unusual—it offers a blend of features not easily categorized. Only time will tell if the StanbyME Go will redefine portable entertainment or become a footnote in the quest for technological innovation.

Source: LG