Nuwa Pen digitizes text written on regular paper

Nuwa Pen Handwritten Text Digital
Setting itself apart from the majority of smartpens, the Nuwa Pen is compatible with regular paper. Images © Nuwa

In an era where digital communication predominates, a Dutch startup named Nuwa is championing the tactile experience of handwriting. They’ve developed the Nuwa Pen, a revolutionary device that allows users to maintain the traditional habit of note-taking on regular paper while simultaneously digitizing the content for ease of sharing and searching.

Notable for its compatibility with any kind of paper – unlike many other smartpens on the market that require proprietary paper – the Nuwa Pen is an exceptional combination of versatility and convenience. It provides a smooth transition between the analog and digital world, capturing handwriting and transferring it into a digital format.

This ingenious device is thoughtfully crafted with an aluminum body and uses conventional D1-format ballpoint ink refills, making it easy to maintain. Inside the slim casing lies a fascinating array of technology: three cameras that face downward, motion and pressure sensors, and an infrared LED for writing in low-light conditions.

The pen also incorporates an Arm Cortex M4 processor chip. This powerful component employs artificial intelligence to interpret the data from the pen’s cameras and sensors, determining what words are being written. The collected data is then transmitted via Bluetooth LE to a designated application on the user’s iOS or Android smartphone. From there, it’s uploaded to an online server for storage. Furthermore, the pen includes 2 gigabytes of onboard memory for those times when you’re writing on the go and away from your phone.

For the convenience of revisiting and searching through their notes, users can utilize keywords to find specific information in their digitized notes. Nuwa plans to enhance the versatility of its system, aiming to make it compatible with over 100 different information-sharing applications and platforms soon.

Nuwa Pen Battery Runtime
A 15-minute charge of the Nuwa Pen’s battery is projected to provide approximately two hours of usage.

This gadget, measuring 5.9 inches long and weighing 28 grams, is powered by a 100-mAh lithium battery that offers approximately two hours of use after a 15-minute charge. The Nuwa Pen comes in two attractive colors: ivory and ebony.

Currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, the Nuwa Pen can be acquired for a pledge of €179, or around $195. This pledge comes with three ink cartridges and a one-year subscription to access special features such as text conversion, which turns handwritten text into a digital, typed format.

Once the Kickstarter campaign ends, the pen is projected to retail for €329, and the subscription service will be available for €2.99 per month, keeping the user connected to the latest features and services. A video demonstrating the device in use can be seen on the campaign page.

Source: Kickstarter