Wirelessly charge ebikes via their kickstand

Tiler Charge eBike Wireless Charging Solution
Charging your e-bike with TILER is as effortless as parking it. The inductive charging tile powers up your bike through the kickstand, making the process seamless and straightforward. Images © Tiler

The Dutch company Tiler has emerged as a pioneer in the field of wireless charging systems for electric bikes, bringing simplicity and convenience to e-bike users. The company has developed an inductive charging system that operates through the e-bike’s kickstand. This innovative technology eliminates the need for wires and plugs, making charging as simple as parking the bike.

The Tiler system comprises two components: a weatherproof in-ground “charging tile” connected to the local electrical grid, and a unique kickstand hard-wired to the bike’s battery. When a user parks their e-bike, they simply place the kickstand on the tile. The inductive charging coils beneath the tile automatically transfer an electrical current through the kickstand and into the battery.

Designed primarily with e-bike rental fleets in mind, this technology ensures that the bikes are always charged and ready to go. The tile is installed like a regular pavement tile and connected to the regular grid, requiring no specialized equipment or electricians.

Tiler’s charging tile offers flexibility in installation. It can be installed in-ground for a seamless surface, or it can be used with a plug-and-play platform where digging is not feasible or preferred. This makes the charging tile adaptable to various site requirements.

Tiler eBike Wireless Charging Tile
The tile is installed like a regular pavement tile and connected to the regular grid.

The company has taken a universal approach to charging, introducing a kickstand that fits all e-bikes, regardless of brand or battery type. All bikes can now be charged on a single tile, making the Tiler system a versatile solution.

The Tiler charging system is as efficient as plugged charging. Its inductive charging module can charge 36-48V, and with the company’s Smart Charging technology, the tile charges up to 200W. Tiler’s charging kickstands can be sold separately to connect multiple e-bikes to the Tiler network.

Tiler eBike Wireless Charging Tile Plug-and-Play Platform
The Charging Tile can also be installed via a plug-and-play platform at sites where digging is not an option or if you want to stay flexible.

Additionally, Tiler’s tiles are cloud-connected, allowing for remote management. If any issue arises, it can be rectified before the user even notices. The company is also developing an API that will integrate their cloud system with e-bike fleet management systems, providing seamless integration with most Mobility-as-a-Service (MAAS) apps.

Tiler’s smart charging technology optimizes the lifetime value of the battery. It enables scheduling for fast charging during peak use hours and slow charging during periods of likely non-use, such as overnight. This feature is expected to be released in Q2 2023.

For e-bike service providers, Tiler offers a complete package, including charging. This ensures a seamless journey for customers and allows the providers to focus on expanding their impact. For e-bike fleet managers, Tiler’s charging infrastructure simplifies the management of e-bikes on location, saving time and reducing user frustration.

Tiler Charge eBike Wireless Charging via Induction
Park and Charge: The inductive charging coils beneath the tile automatically transfer an electrical current through the kickstand and into the battery.

Tiler’s charging solution ensures the same efficiency and charging speed as a wired charger. The company is also working on a charging tile with 4 Ampere, which will enable even faster charging. The Tiler charging system requires no precise parking. There is a range of approximately 50 mm back and forth and 100 mm sideways for the placement of the Charging Kickstand on the tile. This ensures that even if the bike is parked slightly off the mark, it will still start charging.

Since its proof of concept and pilot runs from 2019 to 2021, Tiler launched commercially in 2022 and is scaling production in 2023. The company is also making strides towards expanding its reach to international markets. Tiler’s mission is to deliver a single, universal solution for the charging needs of all micro-mobility options. Looking ahead to 2024, Tiler plans to broaden its compatibility to include other light electric vehicles such as e-cargo bikes, e-scooters, and e-mopeds.

Tiler Charge eBike Service Providers
E-Bike service providers benefit from the ease and efficiency of Tiler’s wireless charging system, simplifying operations and enhancing user experience.

The procedure for acquiring and installing the Tiler system is straightforward. The first step involves assessing the specific needs of the business and recommending the optimal Parking+Charging Hub. Next, an installation date is scheduled, and the Parking+Charging Hub is installed at the site. The bike kickstands are then replaced with Charging Kickstands, thus creating a reliable, self-managing e-bike fleet that requires minimal oversight.

In conclusion, Tiler’s innovative charging solution is revolutionizing the e-bike industry. Its ease of use, efficiency, and adaptability to various e-bike brands and models offer significant benefits for both e-bike service providers and fleet managers. With its forward-looking approach to wireless charging technology, Tiler is poised to become a key player in the realm of light electric vehicle charging.

Tiler Charge eBike Wireless Charging Solution Compatibility
Tiler says that the kickstand fits all e-bikes, regardless of brand or battery type.
Tiler Charge eBike Wireless Charging Easy Installation
With TILER’s universal Charging Kickstand, installation is straightforward, allowing any e-bike to access wireless charging with ease.

Source: Tiler