Revolutionizing bike storage: The ALPEN Basecamp Bike Capsule

ALPEN Basecamp Bike Capsule
The ALPEN Basecamp Bike Capsule is a fusion of smart technology and security for your cycling needs. Images © Alpen

ALPEN has long been at the forefront of the bike storage industry, and their latest offering, the Basecamp Bike Capsule, continues this trend. This smart bike storage solution not only provides a weatherproof haven for your bike but also integrates advanced technologies for an enhanced user experience.

The Basecamp Bike Capsule is an upgrade from ALPEN’s original bike capsule, boasting a larger size and advanced features. It measures 85 inches long by 32 inches wide by 55.6 inches high, making it spacious enough to accommodate larger ebikes, cargo bikes, and mountain bikes with wide handlebars. Additionally, it can house bikes up to 77 inches long and 33 inches wide, ensuring it caters to a wide range of bike types and sizes.

Built with durable rotomolded materials, the Basecamp Bike Capsule is not only weatherproof, but it also offers ample space for storing cycling gear. For e-bike owners, there’s an additional benefit: a charging port for e-bikes is included, enabling owners to charge their bikes securely inside the storage unit.

Security is a primary feature of the Basecamp Bike Capsule. The Bluetooth-enabled electronic lock can be engaged or disengaged wirelessly via a smartphone app, providing keyless access to the unit. In addition, users can share access with friends, family members, or others, offering them either permanent or timed access. This feature positions the Basecamp as a potential choice for businesses and municipalities looking for public bike storage solutions.

ALPEN Basecamp Bike Capsule Closed Up
The Basecamp Bike Capsule, securely enclosed reminiscent of an armadillo’s shell.

The Basecamp Bike Capsule is more than just a storage unit; it’s a comprehensive bike management system. This is evident in the seamless integration with ALPEN’s smartphone app, available on both iOS and Android platforms. Users can use the app to reserve and access their bike storage, as well as plan commutes and parking in advance. The ALPEN app also provides quick customer support for any inquiries or issues that may arise.

For property managers and individuals alike, ALPEN offers a software program, the ALPEN Dashboard, for easy access and management of units. This includes unit sharing and automated rental payments. Furthermore, ALPEN’s API can be integrated into most third-party property management software, making it an ideal choice for property managers seeking to offer premium bike parking and charging infrastructure.

ALPEN Basecamp Bike Capsule eBike Charging
The Basecamp Bike Capsule, a secure haven for e-bikes, complete with charging capabilities.

Universities, workplaces, apartments, and condos can benefit significantly from adopting the Basecamp Bike Capsule. It not only supports green, sustainable transportation options but also offers a high degree of convenience and security. With the ongoing trend of post-Covid returns to workplaces and campuses, providing such infrastructure can be an attractive amenity for employees, students, and residents.

Despite its impressive suite of features, the Basecamp Bike Capsule is straightforward to use. It is smartphone and smartwatch compatible, and its IoT functionalities make accessing and managing your bike a breeze.

The Basecamp Bike Capsule is currently available for purchase at $2,500. While this might seem like a significant investment, the value provided by this advanced, secure, and convenient bike storage solution can easily justify the cost. In the end, the Basecamp Bike Capsule represents a significant step forward in bike storage solutions, merging technological advancements with user convenience and security.

ALPEN Basecamp Bike Capsule App
With a subscription to the ALPEN app, users can effortlessly geolocate, reserve, access, and handle payment for the Basecamp Bike Capsule using their smartphone.

Source: Alpen