Fliteboard Series 3 eFoil is the world’s lightest performance efoil

Flite Series 3 eFoil Ultra L
The Flite Series 3 eFoil Ultra L weighs in at just 22.5 kg. Images © Fliteboard

Australia’s massive hydrofoil designer and manufacturer, Flite, has announced Series 3 of their eFoils, promising more agility, more luxury, and longer ride times. Considering its age, Flite has come a long way in the past few years.

Flite’s beginning

Flite came to life in 2016, when David Trewern, the founder, asked what would happen if he attached an electric motor to the foil of his board. Several sleepless nights and dozens of prototypes later, Trewern had created an idea that helped revolutionize the industry.

Traditional foilboards are like surfboards, except they have extra hardware underneath. Containing a mast, wing, fuselage, and stabilizer, foilboards make moving on the water much easier. Because of the foil mechanism underneath the board, foilboards don’t require the same volume of waves as surfboards to keep moving.

But what’s different about eFoils?

Electronic foilboards have all the same components as traditional foilboards, but they sport a built-in battery and propulsion system, as well. This propulsion system means that the rider doesn’t require any waves to ride, and the result is a smooth, enjoyable sensation that almost feels like levitating over open water – be it a lake, river, or sea.

Fliteboard Series 3

Flite has been in business for several years, and the experienced team of engineers and designers have been working hard to improve their products. With the Series 3 lineup, the team has made several new updates.

Flite Series 3 eFoil Ultra L 80cm Mast
The Ultra L eFoil features a new 80cm mast for taking on bigger waves.

First, the new Fliteboards are available in several colors, including gray, gold, black, tan, pink, and more. Plus, the new model is available in both carbon fiber and fiberglass, the latter of which is a more budget-friendly option.

Flite has also claimed that they’ve achieved the perfect balance with their new model, and they may be right. Their new boards can support up to 265 pounds without compromising any of the riding quality or experience.

Dual Drive propulsion

However, one of the biggest advantages of the new model Fliteboard is the possibility of Dual Drive. Typically, Fliteboard’s use one of two means of propulsion. The first is a propeller, and the second is the Flite Jet.

Flite Series 3 eFoil Ultra L Dual Drive
The Dual Drive system gives riders the option to swap out the prop drive for the Flite Jet.

Both means of propulsion have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on where the rider is foiling. However, with the new model, you can get both means of propulsion in one and easily switch between them, allowing you to customize your riding experience every time.

Flitecell batteries

The Flitecell batteries for the new Fliteboard Series 3 model come in two varieties: Sport and Explore. The Sport battery can support up to 90 minutes of foiling, while the Explore battery can support up to 150 minutes on one charge. The Explore Flitecell battery is an extra $1,000.

Flite Series 3 eFoil Flitecell Nano Battery Pack
The Flitecell Explore battery supports up to 150 minutes of ride time per charge.

The model also comes with two different kinds of chargers. The standard edition is free, but the fast charger — which can shave over an hour off charging time – is available for a $500 upcharge.

Pricing and availability

The prices for the new Fliteboard can vary depending on what kind of material and riding experience you’re looking for. Fiberglass models start at $9,995; Carbon Classic models start a $10,495; and Carbon models start at $11,995.

The propeller and guard propulsion mechanism are standard issue, but the patented Flite Jet is a $500 upcharge. There are more configurations available with almost every feature, and all the Fliteboard’s are available for purchase on Flite’s website.


Flite Series 3 eFoil Ultra L Cruiser Wing
The new Cruiser wing allows riders to take on swells without engaging the motor.

The new Fliteboard Series 3 is an improvement from its predecessor. With great proportions, long riding time, quality materials, and a focus on luxury for consumers, the Fliteboard is among the best eFoils available.

Source: Fliteboard