Motorcycle airbag pants: A funny but essential safety gear for riders

Motorcycle Airbag Pants CX Air Dynamics
In a remarkable product demo, a rider wearing motorcycle airbag pants crashes into a Peugeot at speed. Image © CX Air Dynamics

Motorcycle airbag pants are a new addition to the protective gear available for riders. France’s CX Air Dynamics has introduced airbag pants that can protect a rider’s knees, hips, and thighs. Though they look funny when inflated, these airbag pants can significantly mitigate injuries during a crash.

Protective airbags have been used in motorcycle racing for quite some time now. They inflate in an instant to prevent riders from getting hurt during high-speed collisions. Street and dirt riders can also benefit from airbag jackets that are available in the market. However, it took a while for airbag pants to be introduced, which is surprising as the legs are usually the first body part to hit the ground during a motorcycle accident.

CX Air Dynamics was the first to introduce the CX Easyriders, a water-resistant set of Cordura textile overpants that can be easily zipped on and off over office clothes. They are designed to be portable and can be folded down and stored in a helmet when not in use.

The pants are equipped with flexible, impact-absorbing Poron XRD armor at the knees and hips, and the airbags extend from the hips down to the lower shins, although there is an apparent gap in the middle to let the rider bend their knees.

Motorcycle Airbag Pants CX Easyriders Inflated
The CX Easyriders inflate down to the ankles, and feature comfortable, shock-absorbent armor.

At €599 (US$642), the CX Easyriders are quite expensive. However, given the amount of testing that they have been put through, it’s worth the investment. The video below shows a stunt rider deliberately crashing his bike into the side of a Peugeot at speed to test the airbag pants. The pants performed remarkably well, protecting the rider during the crash.

Sweden’s Mo’Cycle offers another option with its Airbag Jeans, which focus a bit more on fashion than safety. They look like regular jeans but have a big Velcro flap down each side. Inside the jeans is an airbag system that can be zipped off for washing. The airbags extend only down to the knee, but there are pockets dangling below them with CE-approved knee armor cups. When inflated, the jeans look like denim jodhpurs.

Mo’Cycle plans to launch its Airbag Jeans in a couple of weeks through a crowdfunding campaign. For a US$5 deposit, buyers can lock in an early bird price of $445 a pair. However, standard crowdfunding cautions apply, and buyers should exercise caution before investing.

Motorcycle Airbag Jeans Mo'Cycle
When inflated, the Mo’Cycle Airbag Jeans look like denim jodhpurs. Image © Mo’Cycle

In conclusion, motorcycle airbag pants are a welcome addition to the protective gear available for riders. They are particularly useful for those who commute to work on their bikes or ride in areas with high traffic. Though they may look funny, these pants can significantly reduce the risk of injury during a crash. With CX Air Dynamics and Mo’Cycle offering different options, riders can choose the one that suits their style and budget.

Motorcycle Airbag Jeans Mo'Cycle Thigh Protection
Mo’Cycle’s airbags extend only down to the knee, but there are pockets dangling below them with CE-approved knee armor.

Source: CX Air Dyanmics, Mo’Cycle