Tazzari unveils its new electric city car, Minimax

Tazzari Minimax 80 Electric Car
Tazzari Minimax is a two-seater electric city car with a range of up to 162 km and top speed of 80 km/h. Images © Tazzari EV

Tazzari, an Italian electric vehicle manufacturer, recently unveiled its new two-seater Minimax electric city car at the Eicma trade fair in Milan. The company is now competing in the light electric vehicle market, where its compact, energy-efficient cars are aimed at city dwellers looking for a convenient mode of transportation.

The Minimax comes in two versions: the Minimax 45 and the Minimax 80, with their names reflecting their respective top speeds in km/h. The former is a representative of the L6e class, which can be driven in Italy with an AM driving license from 14 years of age, while the Minimax 80 is an L7e vehicle that requires a B1 or B driving license. The model is 2,129 mm long, 1,200 mm wide, and 1,668 mm high, and weighs between 425 and 450 kg without the battery. It rides on 14- or 15-inch wheels and has a front engine that produces 6 kW continuous and 10 kW peak power (Minimax 45) or 11.5 kW continuous and 15 kW peak power (Minimax 80).

The Minimax comes with two battery options, with the Minimax 45 offered with either a 5.6 or 11.2 kWh battery, which should be enough for a range of 81 or 162 kilometres, respectively. The Minimax 80 can be ordered with a 7.8 or 11.2 kWh battery, which should be enough for 112 or 162 kilometres, respectively. However, according to Tazzari, the range figures refer to a constant speed of 45 km/h. The company gives a two-year warranty on both the vehicle and the battery.

The Minimax has a range of standard equipment, including a 2 kW on-board charger, a keyless start and door opening system, and an integrated Bluetooth audio system. However, additional features such as air conditioning, ABS, and a reversing camera are available at an extra cost.

The market for ultra-small city vehicles has increased in recent years, with companies such as logistics companies and General Motors joint venture SAIC’s Wuling brand recognizing their potential. The success of the Hongguang Mini EV in China has propelled the joint venture to bring out another microcar, the Nano EV, which is now coming to Europe. Tazzari, however, is not without strong competition in Europe, with the Microlino and Stellantis’ Citroen Ami and Opel Rocks-e also making waves in the market.

Tazzari Minimax 45 and Minimax 80 Electric Cars
Tazzari Minimax is available in two versions: the Minimax 45 and the Minimax 80.

Despite the competition, Tazzari’s Minimax is a unique offering in the market, and the car’s compact design and energy efficiency make it an attractive option for city dwellers. The Minimax’s small size and light weight make it easy to navigate through tight city streets and alleyways, and its energy-efficient electric motor makes it an eco-friendly alternative to gas-guzzling city cars. The Minimax’s price, starting at 15,990 euros net for the basic model with a small battery, is also relatively affordable for city residents looking for an alternative mode of transportation.

In conclusion, Tazzari’s Minimax electric city car is a promising addition to the light electric vehicle market. The car’s compact design, energy efficiency, and affordability make it a compelling option for city dwellers looking for a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. While the market for ultra-small city vehicles is becoming increasingly competitive, the Minimax’s unique offering and Tazzari’s reputation as an established electric vehicle manufacturer are likely to make it a popular choice among consumers in the years to come.

Tazzari Minimax Dashboard Color Customize
The dashboard color can be customized using the car configurator on the Tazzari website.

Source: Tazzari EV