E-Jetcycle: A tri-hulled, recumbent electric bicycle that hydrofoils over water

E-Jetcycle Tri-hull Recumbent eBike
Jetcycle broadens its range with the launch of the E-Jetcycle, an electric hydrofoil trimaran. Images courtesy Jetcycle

In the ever-evolving world of water sports, the French-developed Jetcycle has made a significant splash with its innovative approach to water cycling. The company’s latest offering, the E-Jetcycle, is a recumbent hydrofoil water bike that combines human power with electric assistance, promising a new level of accessibility and enjoyment for water enthusiasts.

The original Jetcycle, a human-powered marvel, was already a standout in 2022, thanks to its unique design that allowed riders to soar above water surfaces through the power of their legs. Recognizing the physical demands of continuously pedaling on water, Jetcycle has now enhanced the experience with the E-Jetcycle, which introduces electric assistance to alleviate the strain on riders.

A key feature of the E-Jetcycle is its tri-hull, or trimaran, design. This setup not only provides better stability, making it more novice-friendly, but also eases the boarding and disembarking process. The central hull is akin to the original Jetcycle in dimensions, measuring 11 feet long and equipped with a padded bucket seat, steering controls, and an adjustable pedal box.

The addition of left and right side hulls, reminiscent of a sci-fi fighter jet, not only gives the E-Jetcycle a more imposing look but significantly enhances its stability and user-friendliness. The wide arms connecting these hulls to the central hull serve as swim platforms, allowing riders to effortlessly enter and exit the water.

E-Jetcycle Tri-hull Recumbent eBike Hydrofoil
The E-Jetcycle accelerating to hydrofoil speed, leveraging electric assistance to rise and glide over the water’s surface.

The E-Jetcycle’s electric system is ingeniously integrated within the pedal box. It offers up to 200 watts of motor assistance, and riders can choose from different levels of electronic assistance. This feature is particularly beneficial for extending the range and duration of water explorations, ensuring that riders can enjoy up to three hours of runtime without overexerting themselves. Control of steering and foiling action is managed via side levers, similar to the original Jetcycle.

Performance-wise, the E-Jetcycle is a true spectacle. It glides over water at speeds up to 5 knots (9 km/h), and upon reaching this speed, it begins to hydrofoil above the water on carbon fiber-winged foils. The cruising speed is listed at 8 knots (15 km/h), with a top speed of 10 knots (19 km/h).

E-Jetcycle Tri-hull Recumbent eBike Launch
Getting ready to launch.

In terms of physical dimensions, the E-Jetcycle weighs 121 lb (55 kg) and has a width of 7.5 feet (2.3 m), with a draft of 2.5 feet (75 cm). These specifications speak to its robust yet manageable design, ensuring stability without compromising on maneuverability.

Jetcycle is set to unveil the E-Jetcycle at the Düsseldorf boat show this month, marking a significant step forward in the realm of aquatic cycling. Priced at €19,990 (approximately US$21,818), the E-Jetcycle is notably more expensive than its manual counterpart, coming in at double the price. However, the enhanced features and the added convenience of electric assistance justify this price point. The company also hopes to make the E-Jetcycle available for rental, allowing potential buyers to experience this innovative watercraft before making a substantial investment equivalent to that of a high-end jet ski.

E-Jetcycle Tri-hull Recumbent eBike On The Water
The new E-Jetcycle making its debut on the waves.

In conclusion, the E-Jetcycle represents a remarkable fusion of human ingenuity and technological advancement in water sports. Its combination of a recumbent layout, tri-hull design, and electric assistance opens up new possibilities for both avid water sports enthusiasts and beginners alike. The E-Jetcycle is not just a mode of aquatic transportation; it’s an invitation to experience the joy and thrill of hydrofoil cycling with an added layer of ease and comfort.

Source: Jetcycle